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Gmail's spam filter has been repaired

Spam filters are a thing we rely on every single day to protect us from an overwhelming amount of unwanted messages, but we rarely think about the technology behind them when everything works. When the algorithms do break, all hell breaks loose, as we suddenly realize how many emails get filtered regularly. That's an experience some Gmail users have been going through over the last few days, as Google's spam filters appear to have been on strike for them. Google confirmed the bug is now fixed.

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The best free and open-source alternatives to Gmail on Android

There are a lot of reasons you might want to use an open source alternative to an app like Gmail. Privacy, security, and supporting open source development top the list, but the simple fact is that an app like Gmail, at the end of the day, needs to generate revenue for Google in order for the service to worth providing. It also has to serve a hugely diverse user base with tons of needs and expectations about email you may not have, where a simpler, more stripped down email experience would do just as well. Here are a few Gmail alternatives for Android that are totally free and open source.

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Google has declared open war against its videoconferencing rivals

Today, Google announced that Google Meet—the company's young videoconferencing platform—would imminently be bundled into the Gmail applications for Android and iOS devices. It would receive front and center billing, and result in the Gmail app being bifurcated into two top level interfaces: Gmail and Google Meet. Gmail is one of the rare apps to enjoy a 5 billion-plus install count on the Play Store, meaning billions upon billions of Android devices worldwide will soon, by relation, have Google Meet as well (notably, Meet is still limited a few dozen large countries). There is now no doubt in my mind whatsoever: Google intends to win the videoconferencing war, and it intends to play dirty.

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In panic to beat Zoom, Gmail app will get full Google Meet integration (read: moar bloat)

The sudden spike in the popularity of video conferencing tools led to Zoom becoming a household name in the span of just a few weeks, and Google is still working to catch up. The company's consumer video chat application, Duo, now supports joining calls using a link and groups of up to 32 people. Now the company is aggressively integrating Google Meet, its business-oriented conferencing tool, into the Gmail mobile app.

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Basecamp's radical new email app Hey is now available to try

We all know email sucks, but there's no easy answer as to how to fix it. Inbox by Gmail was promising, only to be cut down in its prime by the evil overlords at Google who just can't let us have nice things. Other clients like Spark can paper over some of the cracks, but to really solve the many problems you have to start from scratch. That's what the makers of popular project management tool Basecamp have done with Hey.

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How to free up storage in Gmail

Google provides 15GB of free storage with every account, but that space is shared across all Google products. That means Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, and various other services can all be contributing to your used space. On top of that, it can be hard to tell what exactly in Gmail is using up all your storage.

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How to start or join a Google Meet session from Gmail

Back in April, Google rebranded its Hangouts Meet service to Google Meet, and soon after made it available to everyone for free. To make it as easy as possible to start or connect to a Google Meet session, Google has baked the service directly into the web browser version of Gmail. Here's how to start using it today.

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Gmail gets a remarkably different compose button on Android (APK download)

A minor, but very noticeable change is hitting the Gmail app on Android. No, it's not the ability to mark emails as read from the notification — heaven forbid we get a useful feature like that! — but it's a new floating button for composing emails.

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Full migration from Hangouts to Google Chat is now available for G Suite admins

The transition from Hangouts to Google Chat was always going to be long and arduous, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The latest step for G Suite admins is now available, allowing them to set Chat as the preferred messaging service for their organization. This will finally make Chat the default and only messaging app within Gmail and move users away from the Hangouts apps they've become accustomed to.

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Gmail on the web gets its biggest settings overhaul in years

Gmail’s desktop interface has got a whole bunch of customization options — some from its early days and others that were introduced as part of the more recent Material facelift. But it has never been easy to find them in the complex maze that is Gmail's main settings. Thankfully, Google is fixing that somewhat with a new quick settings menu that's more accessible and brings all those scattered features together in one place.

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