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It's not just you, a bunch of Google services were having issues

If you are having trouble loading Gmail or a YouTube video tonight, you aren't alone. A whole ton of Google services were having problemsGoogle Drive, Hangouts, Stadia, the Play Store, and even Nest were all affected, though reports indicate the issue is slowly resolving.

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Mimestream is a new native Gmail app for Mac that almost nails the experience

There are quite a few apps in the Mac App Store that claim to offer a native Gmail experience, but none quite manages to encapsulate the experience well enough, at least the ones I've tried. Unlike most others, a new app called Mimestream isn't just a web wrapper and it uses the Gmail API instead of the IMAP protocol, making it faster and more stable. It's currently in beta and it looks like it could be worth a shot.

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How to free up storage in Gmail

The 15GB of storage Google allocates to your account for free may sound like a decent amount on paper, but in practice, it's just not very much room to work with in 2020. Given that it's shared across all Google products like Drive and Photos, you may not even realize just which server is taking up all that space on your account.

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Gmail for Android can automatically add people you mention as recipients

Gmail on the web has got some neat tricks to make emailing a bit less tedious, but these features can take a while to reach the mobile app. Support for @ mentions was added to Gmail back in 2018, but it’s only now that the feature is landing on Gmail for Android. Still, not everyone will get to use it, at least for now.

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Weekend poll: Do you like the new Google Meet tab in Gmail?

Over the summer, Google debuted a new "feature" for Gmail that integrated Meet into a dedicated tab in the app, rolling out with wide availability earlier this month. The change takes up around 10-20% of the vertical space in the Gmail app to give you what amounts to a dedicated shortcut to the company's videoconferencing service. It's part of an overall plan to foist Meet on us whether we want it or not, and I'm curious to hear if you actually appreciate the change or not.

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Google has resolved its massive server issues affecting Gmail, Drive, Keep, Docs, Meet, Chat, and Voice

Tonight, Google experienced some issues with its servers as multiple services were affected by disruptions, but by now, the company has confirmed that the problems are fixed. People reported that they couldn't send emails via Gmail and upload files to Drive, with thousands of reports on Google itself noted on its G Suite Status Dashboard that there were additional problems with Docs, Meet, Chat, Keep, Groups, Slides, Sites, and Voice.

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G Suite accounts are slowly getting new Gmail experience with bundled chat, video, and files

A month ago, Google announced that it would turn Gmail for G Suite into a hub encompassing all of Google's productivity platforms, with access to videoconferencing, chats, Docs, and more collaboration tools. The company is now ready to roll out this experience to the web and Android. It's expected to hit all domains with Chat preferred enabled by September 15.

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How to disable the Gmail app's annoying new Meet tab

You may have noticed a new feature in your Gmail app recently. As video conferencing continues to be a pretty big deal during the ongoing pandemic, the Meet tab is Google's way of, erm, nudging users to try its Zoom competitor. Problem is, if you have no interest in using Google Meet, the additional tab is just a space-wasting eyesore. Want to get rid of it? Here's how.

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Terrible, space-wasting Google Meet integration is rolling out for Gmail on Android

Gmail's rather obnoxious Google Meet integration began to roll out widely to users of the app today on Android, signaling that the space-wasting UI tweak is moving full steam ahead. Our devices have started receiving it, and it's just as annoying as you'd expect, eating a solid 10-20% of your Gmail inbox list UI depending on how long your display is. It's a blatant attempt to shoehorn Meet into an extremely popular Google app, as Google commits to offensive action in the videoconferencing wars.

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Google Chat, Meet, Gmail gain new security tools

Google has put in place new security measures across Gmail, Chat, and Meet that will protect users from forgers, spammers, and rabble-rousers looking to disrupt their communications. Most of these changes will take effect for G Suite users first, though consumer Google accounts do have at least one takeaway as well.

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