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Google is retiring Google Talk for good, also shutting down several Gmail Labs

Before there was Allo and Duo, before Hangouts was unveiled, there was Google Talk. In some ways, it was better than the Hangouts platform that replaced it. Talk had a real desktop app, and if you didn't like it, you could use any XMPP client to communicate. You could even send messages to users on other XMPP-powered services - a huge difference from today's proprietary messaging services.

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Rumor: Redesigned Gmail App with 'Smartlabels' Feature Supposedly Launching This Wednesday, Very Sloppy Promotional Images Included

About 2 days ago, an anonymous tipster emailed TNW,  Android Police, and probably a few other sites with screenshots of an alleged Gmail redesign that would automatically categorize your emails into separate inboxes. We didn't run the pictures because they seemed pretty sloppy, and often didn't conform to the way Gmail works. Now though, now we're seeing confirmation from ryan_socio, who has been a pretty solid source in the past, so they've officially graduated to post-worthy. Here they are:



Top Left: Android | Top Right: iOS | Bottom: Desktop Web

The initial batch of these images that went out had horribly distorted colors, which really didn't help their credibility.

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