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Gmail API changes are about to break apps like SwiftKey, SMS Backup+, and Nine

Over the last year, Google has been instituting sweeping changes when it comes to app permissions to help protect user privacy. It imposed new restrictions when it came to SMS and phone permissions, and plenty of app makers found themselves caught in the Google support machine. Now developers found in violation of recent Gmail API changes are left out in the lurch, and the list of affected apps includes SMS Backup+, Nine, and even SwiftKey.

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Google provides new Gmail API endpoints for handling filters, forwarding, auto-replies, and more

Google offers the Gmail API to developers as a way to integrate with the email service. What app makers can do with Gmail is limited to the functionality provided in the API. This then limits what we users can do.

Get excited. Google has updated the Gmail API with new endpoints for managing settings.

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[I/O 2014] Google Announces The Gmail API - Promises Much Faster Performance Than IMAP

If you use a third-party app on any OS to manage your Gmail, you may be in for some very good news today: Google has announced the official Gmail API, and it's available immediately as a beta.

For developers of third-party email experiences, or apps that access email data, the Gmail API is huge. Previously, developers were left using IMAP as the typical way to interface with Gmail, and that standard is far from ideal for a great many reasons. The new Gmail API natively supports labels, threading, drafts, and includes the ability to utilize fine-grain permissions for new and existing messages.

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