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Huawei is now the biggest smartphone maker in the world as Samsung's slump worsens

If you'd told me Huawei would rise to be the world's biggest smartphone vendor this time last year, I would have laughed you out of the room, and yet here we are. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many companies very hard, but Samsung's decline has been steeper than most as many of its key markets are suffering. Meanwhile, Huawei now sells 70% of its smartphones in China, whose economic recovery has been relatively swift in recent months.

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According To Analyst Firm TrendForce, Samsung Shipped Twice As Many Smartphones In Q1 2016 Than Apple

When it comes to analyst firms, there are very few that I trust and even then, I rather look at all of their numbers and compare them together to get a better picture of the global smartphone market. TrendForce hasn't been on my radar — it could be very accurate, it could be all over the place. So I am going to tell you to take its report and numbers with a grain of salt, although the results couldn't be that far off.

So, according to TrendForce, Samsung shipped twice as many smartphones in Q1 2016 as Apple. I'll give you a few seconds to master your shock face and then a couple of minutes to cool off after screaming and celebrating / revolting and breaking everything around.

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[Updated: Fourth] Xiaomi Becomes The World's Third Largest Smartphone Manufacturer, Celebrates With A Jolly Super MiTu

Xiaomi isn't letting its devices' limited geographical availability get in the way of its heated competition with other brands for worldwide smartphone sales. As reported by both the IDC and Strategy Analytics, the Chinese manufacturer has shipped the third most smartphones in the world in Q3 2014, leapfrogging LG, Lenovo, and Huawei, and only trailing behind Samsung and Apple.

This shouldn't come as a surprise: Xiaomi has been on a roll for the past year. Before snatching the third global spot, it had already surpassed LG as the world's fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in Q2 2014 — only three months ago. It also overtook Samsung in China, becoming the country's biggest vendor.

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