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Motorola Shares Android 6.0 Open Source Kernel Files For The DROID Turbo 2

Motorola has uploaded kernel source files for the DROID Turbo 2 (Kinzie) to GitHub. Here developers and tinkerers alike can download the code and dive inside to get a look at what makes Android 6.0 work on the device.

General users won't benefit from downloading the files directly themselves. They may, however, gain something from developers who use this code to improve their apps. This access also increases the likelihood of seeing custom ROMs.

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Link Bubble's Code Is Now Open Source And Visible On GitHub

Link Bubble is the Facebook Chat Heads of browsers, a way to open links and save them for later without having to hop around between apps. Over the summer, developer Chris Lacy sold the app off. Under new management, the app became available for free within a month.

New features and fixes have made their way to the app in the months since, but now we see another sizable shift for the app.

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Motorola Releases The 2014 Moto X's Android 6.0 Open Source Kernel Files

Last week Motorola released the code necessary for developers to dive into the underpinnings of the Android 6.0 update for the Moto X Pure Edition. Now the company is pushing out those files for last year's flagship, the 2014 Moto X. These follow the Android 5.1 code that hit GitHub in July.

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Motorola Releases Android 6.0 Kernel Source For The Moto X Pure 2015

Motorola's Moto X Pure, codenamed Clark, is feeling super this Christmas. The device has begun receiving its Android 6.0 Marshmallow update toward the beginning of the month and now tinkerers and developers can delve into what this update is all about.

The kernel source files for the Marshmallow software have been released on GitHub. If you're a regular user, this has very little impact on you, but if you like to install custom ROMs or, even better, if you like building them, this source code should help everyone get more stable ROMs a little down the line.

This is the first non-Nexus Motorola device to see its 6.0 kernel source released, even though many Moto devices have already gotten their Marshmallowy OTA goodness.

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Motorola Releases Android 5.1.1 Kernel Source Code For The Moto Maxx

Alright developers, it's time to start tinkering with the bits and bytes that make the Moto Maxx tick. Motorola has uploaded the kernel source files for the device. The goods are available on GitHub under the codename Quark, along with other devices Motorola has published files for in the past.

Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 5.07.49 PM

General users are also welcome to download the files, but they probably won't be of any use. I write about Android everyday, and I wouldn't know what to do with them. Don't come to me for help.

For those unfamiliar with the device, a Moto Maxx is essentially a DROID Turbo without Verizon.

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Google I/O 2015 App's Source Code Hits GitHub To Inspire And Educate Android Developers

Google releases an Android app each year providing Google I/O attendees with the schedule for the upcoming conference, and it uses the opportunity to show off how an Android app is supposed to feel. Then a couple months later it releases the source code, providing developers with a look at best practices. The source code for 2015's app has taken longer to arrive than last year's, but at last, it's here.

The Google I/O 2014 app arrived during the pre-Lollipop time when full material design wasn't yet possible on most Android devices due to the lack of the necessary APIs.

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Motorola Uploads 1st Gen Moto G 3G Android 5.1.1 Open Source Kernel Files

The first Android 5.1-based kernel Motorola released was for the LTE version of the 1st generation Moto G. This week it has released the source files for the less speedy 3G-only model, codenamed Falcon.


Developers, you know what to do. The zip comes in at 132 MB. You can download it from GitHub at the source link below. After that, feel free to make all the recoveries, ROMs, and other things we Android nerds get excited about. Other Moto G owners will sit back and wait.

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Todoist Integrates With Evernote, Google Calendar, And GitHub, Announces More Robust Developer Platform And $10,000 Hackathon

The current trend with to-do managers is for them to integrate with note-keeping and/or calendars. After all, a task you need to finish before a deadline does deserve its spot in your schedule and a note you're adding may require a reminder and a to-do date. Todoist understands that and is thus expanding on its API, announcing a full-fledged Developer Platform with a global Developer Challenge, and launching integration with Evernote, GitHub, and Google Calendar among others.

First up, the new API and Developer Platform will allow devs to hook their services into Todoist or create extensions for the service, all with the benefits of synchronization and oAuth authentication out of the box.

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Mizuu Developer Leaves Project, Will Remove App From Play Store But Source Code Will Remain Available

Mizuu is a popular app for managing local media files, particularly movies and television shows. While it isn't a player, it still has attracted many fans for its ability to index and retrieve useful metadata by checking videos against a third-party database and presenting the library in a visually attractive way. In spite of that popularity, its lone developer has announced via a blog post that he will be removing Mizuu from the Play Store and ceasing support and updates for the app.

Reasons for doing this are various, but can be summarized as a loss of interest driven partially by health issues.

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[Update: 4 Sites Unblocked] Indian Government Blocks At Least 32 Websites For Hosting Pro-ISIS Content, Including Github,, Vimeo

In a move that is both troubling and confusing, India’s Department of Telecom has compelled ISPs to block a group of popular websites at the DNS level. While the initial reasoning was unknown, it has since been reported that this ban is due to the websites allegedly playing host to content favorable to the terrorist group ISIS. The banned list includes many popular and largely non-political sites like Github and Vimeo.

Banned sites include Github, Vimeo, DailyMotion,, and Pastebin. The entire purported list of blocked URLs is below from Pranesh Prakash.


Tweets from a senior official of India’s ruling party read,

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