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Motorola uploads Moto Z2 Play kernel source code to GitHub

Motorola may not be great with updates anymore, but at least it's pretty good at getting kernel sources for its new devices out in a timely manner. The Moto Z2 Play (albus) is the latest Lenovorola device to have its source code uploaded to GitHub.

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Android 7.1.1 Nougat kernel source code is out for Moto Z and Moto Z Droid

Android Oreo is all we've been hearing about for the past week or so, but it's important to remember that virtually every phone is still on Nougat. That includes the Moto Z and its Verizon sibling, the Moto Z Droid. Both phones have just had their 7.1.1 Nougat kernel source codes released by Motorola on GitHub.

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Google open sources the 2016 Santa Tracker Web and Android apps

Christmas is here. Yes, I know it's April 6, but for developers and nerds, Christmas falls any day they can take the wraps off some code and look through every line and function to see how things are built. It's like finally being able to disassemble that remote controlled car after playing with it for weeks and seeing how the motor turns and triggers the wheels.

And Google does this every year: in December it releases the Santa Tracker, then a few months later, it open sources it for developers to put on their nerdy scuba masks and dive deep into what makes the magic real.

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Kickstarter open sources its Android and iOS apps

For the longest time, Kickstarter was only accessible as a website without any official mobile apps. Then came the iOS app and it wasn't until January of 2016 that we saw the first release of the Android app. Since then, this app has been updated, improved, and gained a lot of functionality. But today marks a different milestone in its history: the team at Kickstarter is open sourcing it along with the iOS app.

In a post on Medium, Brandon Williams, one of the members of the Kickstarter Native team, explains how the iOS and Android apps came to be and how their journey lead toward open sourcing the apps for the benefit of the developer community and as part of Kickstarter's new ethos of serving the public good.

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Inbox gains Trello, GitHub, and Google Alerts support

Inbox might be one of Google's most controversial products - some love the time-saving features and some hate them (such as our Glorious Leader, Artem). That's not going to stop the Inbox team from adding more productivity innovations though; new to Inbox this time is Trello, GitHub, and Google Alerts integration.

With Trello and GitHub integrations, it's pretty clear Google is angling at professionals like developers and designers with these additions. Both of them work like the other integrations, grouping and categorizing emails from the services into an easy to read list, which should reduce clutter in the inbox and improve readability.

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OnePlus 3 open source kernel files are available on Github

Custom ROMs are fun. More than that, they offer ways to significantly extend the software life of phones. Manufacturer decides it no longer wants to support hardware? Hopefully someone out there will take up the mantle. But to do that, they need the kernel source code for a given device.

OnePlus has already made those files available for the OnePlus 3.

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Google Open Sources WALT, A Tool For Measuring Touch And Audio Latency On Android And Chrome OS

From a user perspective, a phone is either snappy or it's not. If it isn't, the device is either old or garbage that a manufacturer should be ashamed of shipping.

Technically, things aren't quite so simple.

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Motorola Uploads Marshmallow Kernel Files For The 2015 Moto E LTE

No, the 2nd gen Moto E LTE doesn't have Android Marshmallow in the US, but the spiffy little phone did get the update elsewhere. Now Motorola has posted the open source kernel files for said release onto GitHub.

The files are for developers and tinkerers who can use the code to optimize apps or bring Android 6.0 ROMs to the device. General users can't make use of this code, but for Americans who bought this device, watching what the custom ROM community does with this code appears to be as exciting as waiting for Marshmallow is going to get.

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Motorola Posts The Marshmallow Kernel Files For The Moto X Play

It's been a little over a month since Motorola began seeding a much-appreciated Android 6.0 software update to its mid-range model for 2015, the Moto X Play (codenamed Lux), at least in Brazil and India. And you know what that means: the required open source kernel files aren't far behind. Those files are now available on GitHub for anyone who wants a crack at them.

The original kernel files (for the Lollipop-based software available at release) were posted back in September of last year, not long after the announcement of the phone itself. As always, these files will be handy for any developer who wants to make customized versions of the phone's kernel or full ROMs.

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Motorola Publishes Android Marshmallow Kernel Source Code For The 2014 Moto G 4G

For consumers, there's no update quite like the one that delivers a new version of Android to their device. But for developers, that's just the beginning. App makers and custom ROM producers can't get their hands dirty until the source code behind that over-the-air update hits the web as well.

Certain Android manufacturers are pretty consistent about releasing kernel source code. Motorola is one of them. Its latest addition is the open source code for Android Marshmallow running on the 2nd generation Moto G 4G LTE, codenamed Thea.


Motorola Mobility Senior Director David Schuster announced on Google+ that Marshmallow soak tests for the 2014 Moto G and Moto G 4G are running longer than usual, but the updates are continuing to ramp up in Brazil and India.

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