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Snapchat gets GIF stickers and some changes to app redesign

The company behind Snapchat is rolling out a new feature to its app that allows users to paste animated GIFs onto their Snaps and stories. The new functionality is the result of a partnership with Giphy, and provides users with access to Giphy's enormous GIF database from right within the Snapchat app.

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GIPHY Stickers brings countless animated stickers to your phone

Giphy, possibly the largest repository of GIFs on the web, has released a few Android apps in the past. Now it has partnered with Imoji to create the GIPHY Stickers app, which as you can probably guess, contains animated stickers.

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Facebook Messenger can insert GIFs from Google's Gboard

Inserting GIFs in Facebook Messenger has been available for over a year now, after it began as a trial in 2015. A GIF button shows up in the text entry box, next to the picture, emoji, and voice message options, and lets you search for the perfect animated reaction to send to your friends or family. But it looks like Messenger only searches one repository for GIFs, which is often (always?) Tenor.

If you want to check more sources for GIFs, you either have to download a separate app or you can use Google's keyboard Gboard. Since its release, Gboard has offered a GIF search option, but developers had to specifically enable it in their own apps.

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[Updated] GIPHY adds quick option to save GIFs so you can share them however and whenever you want


Giphy released its official Android app in April of last year, but it had one caveat. You couldn't easily save the GIFs to your device (there were workarounds, but not ones regular users would know), you could only share them to other apps. This meant you had to know where exactly you wanted to use that GIF in order to benefit most from the app and you couldn't just browse, grab any GIFs you like, and keep them on the off-chance you'll need them later.

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Chrooma Keyboard 4 adds GIF search, colored navbar, emoji suggestions, word blacklist, more

Chrooma Keyboard is one of those keyboards I can always recommend to people who like the Google Keyboard but want something more out of the experience. I have been using it on and off since it got updated to v3 in June and I love its adaptive colors that fit with whatever app you're using, extensive gestures, multilingual support, and customizable action row. But since some of these features were already added to GBoard recently, there were fewer reasons to use Chrooma... until this new v4 update came rolling.

Now Chrooma has emoji suggestions so you get a pizza emoji when you type the word "pizza," neural predictions for your sentences, a smarter clipboard that lets you view a history of your copied texts and paste whichever you want as well as pin some to keep them, a words blacklist option to stop suggesting certain words, and the customizable action row now shifts from emojis to numbers to punctuation depending on what you just typed.

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[Update: Giphy and Tenor] WhatsApp adds GIF search through Giphy, raises maximum media sharing limit from 10 to 30

WhatsApp's ability to send GIFs in different forms and ways has been rolling out super slowly. First we could convert videos and share them as GIFs, then the beta app let us share GIFs saved on our devices, then the Web client added support for GIF search and insertion, and now finally the last piece of the puzzle is here: we can now search for, choose, and send GIFs from the WhatsApp app on our Android phones, no need for a separate Giphy client, the GBoard app, or to have the GIFs saved on our phones beforehand.

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[Update: Officially released] Giphy publishes beta 'Cam' app on Play Store, increasing your meme efficiency by 1000%

Giphy is one of the most popular repositories of GIFs on the web, and the site has published their newest app to the Play Store - Giphy Cam. The application allows you to either record video from your camera, or shoot five images in burst mode. Once your content is recorded, you can apply all the effects and stickers your heart desires. The app description states that Giphy plans to add new filters weekly, "to help you keep your GIF game on point."

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Plughy Is Android's Giphy GIF Plugin — Insert GIFs Anywhere Just Like On Slack

GIFs are great. We all love moving pictures, amirite? It's like being at Hogwarts or something. Giphy, a leader in the 'shareable GIFs' space, has an Android app, but unfortunately it doesn't allow for GIFs to be used anywhere on your phone or tablet. That's where Plughy comes in.

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Giphy Brings The Gift Of All The Gifs To Android

Regardless of how you pronounce it, there's little doubt that Artem loves his gifs. Ha! The man's entire Google+ feed is essentially a scrolling list of various gifs so much so that I've come to doubt that he has a secret stash of gifs saved and meticulously organized in some folder somewhere that he rushes to each time he needs to express an emotion. Any emotion. He has emotions, he's not a robot you know, even if some of you have your doubts.

Alright so this post is for Artem but also for those of you who share with him this excessive love of gifs and animated image thingies.

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ASKfm Gets An Interface Revamp, Giphy Integration, And Plenty Of User Criticism

Teens and millennials apparently love for quick and easy Q&As. Over 18 billion questions were asked on the service last year, coming from over 150 million people of which between 10 and 50 million use Android. Those are nice numbers and the developers wanted to keep those users happy so they created a new interface and implemented many improvements to the service. 3.0, which for some reason now goes as ASKfm on the Play Store, introduced a fresh redesign of the app with a side drawer, some modern iconography, and lots of reorganized screens. It also dumped the app's blue hues for bright orange ones and got a new icon to celebrate those changes (here's what it looked like before).

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