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Vivo unveils its 5G-enabled flagship X50 series with focus on photography

Vivo may be better known for its budget and mid-range handsets targeting some Asian markets, but it still manages to surprise us often with its innovative concept designs — like when it showcased some crazy fast wireless and wired charging speeds or introduced a gimbal-based OIS system for one of its concept phones. Vivo is now bringing that camera feature to a couple of models in its latest flagship series, the X50 family.

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Get the tiny DJI Osmo Pocket gimbal camera for $279 ($70 off) on Amazon

DJI can be considered as a pioneer in video tech miniaturization — just look at its recently announced Mavic Mini pocket drone. But the company already proved its expertise two years ago when it unveiled the Osmo Pocket, its tiny gimbal camera. This piece of equipment is currently heavily discounted on Amazon, going for only $279, which is about $70 off the regular price. The retailer also throws in a free 32GB SanDisk microSD card that you can use in the camera.

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Vivo's APEX 2020 concept phone has a built-in gimbal camera and supports 60W wireless charging

Vivo has built a habit of announcing concepts with the most outlandish hardware that it wants to add to its regular lineup in the future. Its 2018 phone was one of the first in the industry to have a pop-up front lens and virtually no screen bezels while the 2019 release fully did away with regular ports and a selfie camera to eliminate points of failure and maximize the screen size even further. The Vivo APEX 2020 continues this trend, but it has received a front camera again in the form of an in-display solution and has stepped up the wireless charging game to 60W.

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DJI's Valentine's Day sale makes cameras, gimbals, drones more appealing than a diamond ring

DJI might be the first name you think of when it comes to consumer-grade gimbals and drones. They come with pretty fair price tags on the regular, but several times a year, the company likes to put on the sale. And while the Black Friday and Christmas sales it put on last year eclipse this Valentine's Day one in size, you can still save a chunk of change on some neat gear.

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Zhiyun Smooth-Q2 review: A great travel gimbal that's perfect for beginners

Whether you're preparing for a trip across the world or just getting together a few essentials for a hike, it can be difficult to find space for everything that will come with you. If something is too big, it's staying at home. That's where most smartphone gimbals tend to fail the test: long handles and awkward shapes make them terrible to pack and annoying to carry. Zhiyun, a company highly regarded for its DSLR and smartphone gimbals, is preparing to release a new model called the Smooth-Q2 that's more compact than any smartphone gimbal on the market. Aside from a few basic sacrifices, it's a great little tool to really improve the quality of your videos.

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DJI's most flexible Osmo Mobile gimbal yet features a swinging elbow joint

If you're a budding filmmaker or just want a way to capture your vacation or kid's soccer game without your jittery hands ruining the shot, smartphone gimbals are the way to go these days. DJI's series of gimbals opened up access to this longtime Hollywood workhorse for smoothing moves out. Now, the company is back with version 3 of its Osmo Mobile — more foldable and more affordable than ever.

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DJI's new Osmo Mobile 2 offers 15 hours of shooting time for $129, less than half its predecessor's price

Nobody wants to watch shakycam footage, but it's not practical to bring a dedicated video camera rig everywhere. The DJI Osmo Mobile helped solve that problem, enabling users to get incredibly smooth video out of their phones' cameras, but it was pretty pricey at $299. The Osmo Mobile 2 fixes that issue and several other ones, with vastly improved battery life, support for portrait video, and more.

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DJI publishes companion app for Ronin, its line of premium gimbals, on the Play Store

DJI is best known for producing some of the best drones on the market, but the company does other cool things too. Among those are its Ronin gimbals, which range in price from $1000 for the Ronin-M all the way to a whopping $9000 for the full Ronin 2 combo. Now, DJI has released a companion app for the Ronin series on the Play Store.

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[Bug Watch] Bluetooth Will Begin Crashing After Encountering Too Many BLE Devices, Affects KitKat 4.4 And Jelly Bean 4.3

It's no secret that Bluetooth has been a problem child for Android, plagued with poor audio quality and connectivity issues. I've already covered a handful of common problems in a previous post, but another issue has been emerging in the last few months that threatens to virtually kill all Bluetooth operation on a device in the right conditions. The culprit is a nasty little oversight in the Bluetooth Low-Energy code added with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Once a device has been within range of enough BLE devices, the entire Bluetooth service will begin crashing.



There is only one truly obvious symptom, but it's incredibly unhelpful for diagnosing the issue.

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