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Google Play gift cards can now be purchased in the United Arab Emirates

Google Play gift cards have been gradually spreading to more countries for some time, and the latest addition to the list is the United Arab Emirates. They're available in five denominations from 13 retailers.

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[Deal Alert] Today only, get 1 TB of Dropbox storage for a year plus a $20 Amazon gift card for $99

Everybody uses multiple devices these days, and having access to your files across all your gadgets is practically essential (or, at the very least, super handy). Cloud storage is the simplest way to make sure your stuff goes where you go, and Amazon's throwing in a nice bonus with purchase of a year subscription to Dropbox Plus: a $20 Amazon gift card.

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Android Pay's gift card limitations: You can only add 10 cards total and 5 per merchant within 30 days

File this one in the "Did you know?" category of weird limitations placed on Google and Android services. If you have many gift cards that you want to add to your Android Pay account, you might hit an arbitrary and unforeseen limit at some point. Tipster Ananya Gupta encountered the issue while adding several gift cards to his account: the above pop-up showed up and he couldn't add any more cards. So he contacted a Google support rep who explained the limits:

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[Deal Alert] Costco is offering $50 Google Play gift cards as low as $39.49 ($7.50) and $100 cards for $82.99 ($10 off)

If you're looking to save a few bucks here and there, discounted gift cards are a pretty reliable method to spend a little less in the long run if you don't mind shelling out some cash up front. Some people adamantly refuse to spend money on apps and subscriptions, but many of us expect to buy things from the Play Store, so a good deal on store credit is hard to pass up. Costco is currently offering $100 gift codes for $82.99 (online) and $50 cards for $41.99, or even $39.49 in some cases (online and in-store).

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Prime members can get $10 in Amazon credit by purchasing $50 in Amazon gift cards, today only

Amazon Prime Day is here, and the deals are rolling in. Right now you can snag Huawei Watches for up to 52 percent off, and you can knock a quarter of the price off the Nexus 6P. But if you want to make more money to buy stuff with, Amazon is offering $10 in promotional credit when you purchase at least $50 in gift cards.

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Android Pay v1.3 To Allow Use Of Loyalty And Gift Cards Without Unlocking [APK Teardown]

The idea of contactless payments has turned out to be an unusually divisive topic. Some people are certain that we're only a couple of years away from abandoning physical credit cards in favor of using smartphones at the checkout line, while others see it as an obnoxious novelty that slows down everything and should be ignored. Whatever the case, it's interesting to watch the progress of mobile payment methods as they grow and evolve in an effort to capture consumer interest. The latest update to Android Pay v1.3 doesn't appear to bring any immediately available new features, but a teardown reveals that we will soon have the option to use certain types of cards without unlocking our phones.

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You Can Now Send Google Play Credit Gifts Via Email In The US

Google updated its support pages with an interesting item recently. Down at the bottom of the gift card page, is a US-only option called "Google Play credit gifts." And sure enough, a new option to send a gift has popped up in the web Play Store. So, just in time for the holidays, you can give the gift of Google Play via email.

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Google Play Gift Cards Are Making Their Way To The Netherlands

Want to buy Google Play gift cards in The Netherlands? Of course you do! Assuming, that is, you live in The Netherlands. It looks like Google's plastic little cards, and their digital equivalent, are now making their way to that particular corner of Europe.

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Google Begins Rolling Out Option To Give Play Music Gift Subscriptions In Select Countries

Yesterday a reference to something called "music gifts" appeared on a Google Play support page. Now a separate page has popped up that fleshes out precisely what this feature is, something Cody came across in a recent Play Music teardown just under a month ago.

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Reference To "Music Gifts" Appears On Play Store Support Page For Gift Cards - What Could They Be?

A reference to something called "music gifts" has appeared on the Google Play support page for Play gift cards today, and we frankly have no information at this point suggesting what they could be. The support entry, below, doesn't really provide any information, so we're left to speculate.

Screenshot 2015-10-13 at 3.03.19 PM

Could this be an upcoming way to gift albums or songs to people on Play Music? Or perhaps a way to gift Play Music All Access subscriptions themselves (that seems more likely to me)? We can't be sure, though the fact that this text appears at all is probably a sign Google is planning on announcing these "music gifts" relatively soon.

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