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Amazon purchases of the Pixel 4 will come with a $100 gift card

Most new flagships come with pre-order offers upon debut these days, and the Pixel 4 is no different. With the pre-order of any Pixel 4 or 4 XL, Amazon is offering a $100 gift card, which will probably be more useful than the credit that the Google Store and B&H are giving out.

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[Update: Pixel 3a, too] Pixel 3a XL comes with a free $100 gift card on Amazon

The Pixel 3a and 3a XL just went live on Amazon a few hours ago, but a pretty enticing promotion is already being offered. Buyers of the Just Black Pixel 3a XL can get a free $100 Amazon gift card, which is sure to be much more useful than the $100 in Google Store credit you'll get from Google itself.

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Google Play gift cards are now available in Saudi Arabia

About a decade ago, buying apps and games for our phones was nothing short of a hassle. Now, it's easier than ever to just find a payment method that works for you, be it operator billing, credit/debit card, Paypal, or even gift card, and fill up your device with all the software and media that you want. If you live in Saudi Arabia, you'll be happy to know you can now use the last option, i.e. gift cards, to pay for your Google Play content.

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Get a $50 Google Play gift code for $40 from Walmart

Not sure what to get for that special Android user in your life for the holidays? A gift card is kind of like taking the easy way out, but hey, it allows the recipient to buy whatever he/she desires (on the Play Store). Walmart is currently offering a $50 Play Store electronically-delivered gift code for $40, a savings of $10.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier are $280 with free $100 gift card at Best Buy

We've been hearing about the upcoming Galaxy Watch from Samsung for quite a bit now, but if you're in the market for a Samsung smartwatch right now, Best Buy currently has some great deals on the Gear S3 line. Both the S3 Classic and S3 Frontier have been discounted to $279.99 with a free $100 Best Buy gift card thrown in.

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[Deal Alert] Get a $300 Dell gift card with purchase of 49-inch Sony Android TV

There aren't many Android TV boxes you can plug into your TV, but there are a number of TVs with Android TV built-in. Sony makes a well-reviewed 49-inch TV with Google's software, and you can get a good deal on it today, assuming you want to buy some stuff from Dell. Pick up the TV, and you can get a $300 Dell gift card.

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[Deal Alert] Newegg is offering a second-generation Amazon Echo for $80 ($20 off), plus a $10 gift card

After the holidays are over, we're bound to see the deals swarm us once again. For now, though, you can take a breather and enjoy a few goodies. Newegg has the second-gen Amazon Echo for $79.99, a nice $20 off the MSRP. While this sale is not unheard of, the retailer is also offering an additional $10 gift card with your order, gratis. That's pretty good, all things considered.

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[Deal Alert] Get a $50 Amazon gift card when you buy a Chromebook before Christmas

Amazon is making the holiday season all the merrier by offering customers a $50 Amazon gift card with the purchase of select Chromebook hardware. Google's take on the future of portable computing, Chromebooks run the search giant's Chrome OS, a streamlined operating system built entirely around Google's ecosystem of apps and productivity software.

When you consider how affordable the bulk of Chromebooks are to begin with, this Amazon deal is certainly hard to ignore. It would be easy to assume that a "cheap laptop" equates to dismal performance, but several models offered as part of this deal come close to hitting the sweet spot between price, power, and features.

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[Deal Alert] Get a $50 Google Play gift card for $45 from Amazon ($5 off)

Anyone want to save some money on Google Play credit? If you answered "yes," then you're in luck. Amazon is currently offering a $50 Google Play gift card for $45. Bear in mind that you do have to wait for it to actually arrive in the mail, but you will save $5.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Moto Z Play with a free $50 gift card and more for just $349.99 ($100 off) at B&H

Last year's Moto Z Play was one of the most universally-loved smartphones out there. Why, you may ask, would a phone with a Snapdragon 625 and fairly average specifications overall get such a following? Well, its battery life was nothing short of incredible, with many users getting double digits of screen-on-time. Now, you can grab a Z Play on the cheap from B&H, and get some free stuff thrown in as well.

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