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Giphy Brings The Gift Of All The Gifs To Android

Regardless of how you pronounce it, there's little doubt that Artem loves his gifs. Ha! The man's entire Google+ feed is essentially a scrolling list of various gifs so much so that I've come to doubt that he has a secret stash of gifs saved and meticulously organized in some folder somewhere that he rushes to each time he needs to express an emotion. Any emotion. He has emotions, he's not a robot you know, even if some of you have your doubts.

Alright so this post is for Artem but also for those of you who share with him this excessive love of gifs and animated image thingies.

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Twitter Adds GIF Search, Plus Videos In Direct Messages

Twitter has made some less than popular decisions in the past, but who can really argue with GIFs? GIFs are great, and now you can add them to your posts more easily. Or rather, you will be able to soon. In different moving picture news, videos are coming to direct messages.

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Google+ Web Preview Adds Setting To Autoplay GIFs, Makes Notifications Clearer

Google+'s big web redesign started rolling out as a preview almost a month ago. Although the new site was super fast and responsive, it did shed a lot of the features that users of the social network had grown accustomed to. Ever since, Google+'s engineers have been busy adding back bits and pieces of the old site's functionality in a way that doesn't compromise on the updated design's speed and lightness.

Another update has gone live now with a few interesting modifications. First is improved visibility of your notifications (which now sit inside a white circle) and easier access to categories within community pages' sidebars.

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Instagram Releases Boomerang App To Make Brief Mini Videos That Totally Aren't GIFs

GIFs are nothing new, but these days, they're mainstream and everywhere. That has driven big tech companies to come up with their own approaches for awkwardly animating pictures. Google automatically strings together several similar images and lets you export them as GIFs. Apple doesn't call them GIFs―they're Live Photos. Now Instagram is introducing Boomerangs, which you create using its new app called Boomerang.

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GIFs Will Work Again In Hangouts 5.0

We've been hearing rumblings of an impending update for Hangouts, bringing it to version 5.0 and coming "soon." The update will allegedly resolve lots of lag issues, but it will apparently fix at least one other problem: GIFs.

In Hangouts 4, GIFs appear to send as static images, which kinda ruins the fun. Hangouts 5 appears to send GIFs as they were meant to be enjoyed, though - as you might expect - GIFs sent from Hangouts 4 to Hangouts 5 still won't work.

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Google Camera v3.0 Sneak Peek - Part 1: Smart Burst, Creations, and Animated GIFs [APK Teardown]

We're just two weeks away from the anticipated launch date for Android 6.0, up to two Nexus phones, and possibly many other surprises. As we all know, secrets are rarely well-kept as the clock counts down on big new products, and that means bits and pieces occasionally escape. We've got an early look at the resources belonging to Google Camera v3.0, which we expect to see included with the upcoming Nexus handsets and rolling out to the Play Store.

Disclaimer: Teardowns are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete evidence. It's possible that the guesses made here are totally and completely wrong.
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Dropbox Adds Collaborative Comments In Version 3.0.1, But Nobody Cares Because Now It Does Native GIF Viewing

In the latest version, Dropbox adds a much-needed favor for collaborative teams and users who rely on effective communication across updated files. But who gives a crap about that, because the app has also added GIF support.


Version 3.0.1 lets you view animated GIFs right in Dropbox without popping out to an external app. That should be useful for... OK, it's not particularly useful for anything, except that one time that you need to instantly distinguish between the original and reverse of that one dog image when you attend a GIF party via your tablet. But now you can totally do that!

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Animated Watch Faces Puts Nice Nature Scenes On Your Wrist

Watch faces are a dime a dozen on the Play Store, or more accurately a few bucks each, so there's no shortage of choice when you want to make your wrist gadgetry look good. But if you're always aching for something new and slightly different, Animated Watch Faces might fit the bill.

The app comes preloaded with 24 nature-focused animations, half with an analog clock and the other half with a digital one. There are blossoming flowers, windy leaves and fields, and wavy water, all of which animate nicely when you turn your watch on. The app works on circular and square watches and has a few customization options for the clock, date, weather, and notification card sizes. It

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Little TV For Android Wear Puts Animated GIFs On Your Watch Face Because Why Not?

The venerable animated GIF remains a staple of the internet even after all these years because of its unparalleled versatility. If it has a screen, it can probably play a GIF. Such is the case with Android Wear, and Little TV turns those GIFs into watch faces. This is either fun or really ridiculous. I haven't decided which yet, but it's definitely one or the other.

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[Animation Bonanza] Android 5.0 Lollipop In GIFs

Android 5.0 has a lot of really useful features, which we've been covering in detail as part of the Lollipop Feature Spotlight series. You know what else it has, though? Animations. Many, many lovely animations. If you follow Artem on Google+, you've probably seen him post some GIFs of Lollipop looking hot, but we've pulled together all those GIFs along with some new ones to give you a quick tour of Google's latest and greatest. Prepare for browser lag—there are legions of GIFs just ahead.

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