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Switftkey Beta updated with GIF input, hashtag prediction, and new languages for transliteration

Today is the 30th anniversary of the first GIF, and it looks like SwiftKey knows it. The Swiftkey Beta on Google Play was updated today with GIF support. Other new features include hashtag predictions and transliteration support for some new languages, as well as a few bug fixes. So if you need to insert a GIF in your transliterated Punjabi or Bangla messages, well, now you can. 

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[Update: Launcher shortcuts too] Allo v12 adds animated selfie clips and a redesigned compose bar, prepares to add support for the 'enter' button, and more [APK Teardown]

If you're dying for the next cool personalization feature from Allo, today is going to be a good day for you. Version 12 of Google's most talked about chat app is set to roll out today and it is upping the selfie game with a new feature called selfie clips. The name kinda says it all – they're basically short gifs of yourself. According to Amit Fulay of the Allo team, this version will also bring an updated design for the compose bar. And not to be left out, this release will bring selfie stickers to iOS, so your friends in the Apple camp won't feel so alone.

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GIPHY Stickers brings countless animated stickers to your phone

Giphy, possibly the largest repository of GIFs on the web, has released a few Android apps in the past. Now it has partnered with Imoji to create the GIPHY Stickers app, which as you can probably guess, contains animated stickers.

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Facebook Messenger can insert GIFs from Google's Gboard

Inserting GIFs in Facebook Messenger has been available for over a year now, after it began as a trial in 2015. A GIF button shows up in the text entry box, next to the picture, emoji, and voice message options, and lets you search for the perfect animated reaction to send to your friends or family. But it looks like Messenger only searches one repository for GIFs, which is often (always?) Tenor.

If you want to check more sources for GIFs, you either have to download a separate app or you can use Google's keyboard Gboard. Since its release, Gboard has offered a GIF search option, but developers had to specifically enable it in their own apps.

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Gboard expands keyboard GIF support beyond Android 7.1

One of the few substantive changes in Android 7.1 was the addition of GIFs in the keyboard. When typing in a supported app, you can use the GIF button to drop in an image. This was only working on Android 7.1 previously, but the new Gboard keyboard update changes that.

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Android 7.1 feature spotlight: Send GIFs directly from the keyboard

Sometimes a few words just don't get across the depth and range of your emotions. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what's a GIF worth? I think it's either like a million words or negative words—whatever the case, you can send GIFs directly from the keyboard in Android 7.1.

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Plughy Is Android's Giphy GIF Plugin — Insert GIFs Anywhere Just Like On Slack

GIFs are great. We all love moving pictures, amirite? It's like being at Hogwarts or something. Giphy, a leader in the 'shareable GIFs' space, has an Android app, but unfortunately it doesn't allow for GIFs to be used anywhere on your phone or tablet. That's where Plughy comes in.

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[APK Download] Gfycat Gets An Official Android App, But It's Geographically Limited At The Moment

Gfycat is an annoyingly misspelled place to post and retrieve animated GIFs, as well as more fancy-pants WebM videos. It's popular for uses where normal GIFs, which get surprisingly large as they get longer, are unwieldy or hard to embed. The tools on the site chomp standard videos and GIFs down into bite-sized versions, saving tons of bandwidth. The service has been around for a while, but now there's an official Android app... just don't try to download it on the Play Store.

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Giphy Brings The Gift Of All The Gifs To Android

Regardless of how you pronounce it, there's little doubt that Artem loves his gifs. Ha! The man's entire Google+ feed is essentially a scrolling list of various gifs so much so that I've come to doubt that he has a secret stash of gifs saved and meticulously organized in some folder somewhere that he rushes to each time he needs to express an emotion. Any emotion. He has emotions, he's not a robot you know, even if some of you have your doubts.

Alright so this post is for Artem but also for those of you who share with him this excessive love of gifs and animated image thingies.

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Twitter Adds GIF Search, Plus Videos In Direct Messages

Twitter has made some less than popular decisions in the past, but who can really argue with GIFs? GIFs are great, and now you can add them to your posts more easily. Or rather, you will be able to soon. In different moving picture news, videos are coming to direct messages.

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