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Android Messages v3.3 prepares GIF search and favorited stickers, search filters for attachments, and possibly gearing up to fight text spammers [APK Teardown]

A new version of the Android Messages app slowly began to circulate over the weekend. As usual, there doesn't seem to be anything visibly different in this update, but it does contain bits and pieces suggesting there's plenty of work going on in preparation for new features. Some of the Sticker and GIF-related enhancements from Allo appear to be making the transition to Messages, and we may also be getting some helpful search filters that bring attachments into view. There's also some new text that suggests Google is looking to take a more active role in combatting text spammers.

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Gmail adds Gboard keyboard GIF support [APK Download]

Plenty of apps have been updated recently to add a feature wanted by every meme lover and person who finds emojis dull and can't express themselves with anything less than an animation: GIF keyboard support. The latest to join the fold is Gmail.

You can now search for the GIF your heart desires and insert it right from your keyboard without having to mess with third-party apps. Of course, for this to work, you will need a keyboard that offers GIF insertion like Google's own Gboard. You will also need to be on a supported version of Android, which should be anything above Honeycomb.

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