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Ghostbusters World is Pokémon GO with ghosts, and you can play it now on Android

We knew Ghostbusters World would be releasing soon thanks to its recent pre-registration listing, and as of this morning, the location-based augmented reality ghost collection game is available for download from the Google Play Store. So put on your proton pack and grab your Tobin's Spirit Guide because this time you’re the one who’s gonna be called.

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Ghostbusters World is the latest Pokémon GO clone, and it's available for pre-registration

Back when Pokémon GO released in the summer of 2016 it was a phenomenon, and despite a couple of wrong turns by the devs, it's still pretty popular today. Obviously, there are many developers out there who would like to get in on the collection-based augmented reality gravy train, and FourThirtyThree is the latest dev (but definitely not the first) to clone the familiar gameplay and slap on top a popular IP. The result is Ghostbusters World, and it's available for pre-registration starting today.

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