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Outlook for Android finally gets external app and service integration

Outlook's so-called "add-ins" were first introduced to the app this February, but the feature was exclusive to iOS. At least, it was, until Microsoft's blog post today. To put it simply, it allows you to use features from apps like Trello, Evernote, or services like GIPHY from directly inside the app. It's sort of like Android's intents system, allowing you to quickly pass data between services, but built into Outlook.

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Gfycat releases official Loops app on the Play Store after georestricted beta

Back in April, we spotted a Gfycat app on the Play Store, but it was only available in some countries and seemed to still be in beta. Now that app is renamed to Gfycat Loops, has a new Play Store listing, and is officially released in many countries.

Gfycat Loops lets you satiate your desperate need for gifs. You can search GIFs and browse among more than 200 categories of memes and reactions, sign in with your account and manage your own GIFs, but the part you're most likely looking for is GIF creation.

With Loops, this happens either by directly recording something on the camera, converting an existing video, converting video links from any site, or recording your screen and turning it into a GIF.

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[APK Download] Gfycat Gets An Official Android App, But It's Geographically Limited At The Moment

Gfycat is an annoyingly misspelled place to post and retrieve animated GIFs, as well as more fancy-pants WebM videos. It's popular for uses where normal GIFs, which get surprisingly large as they get longer, are unwieldy or hard to embed. The tools on the site chomp standard videos and GIFs down into bite-sized versions, saving tons of bandwidth. The service has been around for a while, but now there's an official Android app... just don't try to download it on the Play Store.

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