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Uber rentals to combine comfort of being in stranger's car, joy of finding parking

Residents of San Francisco will soon see something new in the Uber app: the option to rent a car. Uber Rent will allow users to rent nearby cars from established car sharing service Getaround right from the Uber app, the companies announced today in a press release.

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Getaround Car Sharing Service Releases Android App For Use In Austin, Chicago, Portland, San Diego, And San Francisco

The American dream of owning a car is on the decline, and depending on which part of the country you live in, there's no shortage of ways to get from point A to point B without reaching for your own set of car keys. Getaround is one company that has carved a niche for itself, allowing drivers to rent vehicles from private owners, who are able to set their own rental price. This car-sharing approach, as opposed to ride-sharing (think Lyft or Uber), helps cut down on the volume of cars on the road by reducing the number that need to be purchased in the first place.

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