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Google Pixel 4 could include 'Soli' radar chip for air gestures

We're just starting to learn the first details about this year's Pixel phones. Yesterday came the first reputable render, seemingly confirming the phone would have a large camera array on the back. One report now claims the Pixel 4 will include the Soli radar chip that Google first showed off in 2015.

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[Update: QB3 improvements] Android Q Beta 2 features iOS-like multitasking gesture changes

Android Q Beta 2 landed just earlier today, and with it came a substantial set of changes to the gesture system originally introduced via Android Pie. The new gestures may not free up as much space as Apple's since they still require a navigation bar, but they're definitely iOS-like, allowing you to pull on the "pill" in any direction to switch apps (finally.)

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One + Gestures 2.0 update brings new gesture areas and types, visual effect, app blacklist, and more

Like it or not, gesture-based navigation is looking like it'll be the next way we get around our smartphones. We've seen several implementations at this point, with some clearly better than others, but all of the Android versions have thus far felt limited. So leave it to the development community to come up with something better. One + Gestures is one such effort. Despite the name, it's not limited to OnePlus phones — in fact, you can use it on any Android device.

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Samsung's new gesture navigation solution actually looks quite promising

Gesture navigation is considered by some to be an important innovation in smartphone UX, not least because it removes the nav bar and allows for more content on the display. It's not easy to get it right, but Apple has done a pretty good job of it and Android OEMs like OnePlus have also had a good go (let's not waste our time discussing Google's Pixel abomination). Samsung's recently announced Galaxy A7 offers another new take on gesture nav, and it actually seems pretty good.

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[Update: Maybe not] The Pixel 3 will only have gesture navigation, with no option for standard nav buttons

As we all know by now, Google's implementation of gesture navigation is pretty lackluster. Given that it still takes up the same amount of space as the regular nav bar, it doesn't have any real benefits and just makes things confusing. You'll probably be disappointed to hear that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will ship with gesture navigation, and there won't be an option to use the standard three-button layout that's been part of Android for years.

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Android P's new Overview app switcher is part of the launcher

Android P DP2 introduced the very controversial gesture navigation during last week's Google I/O, and with it came a new interface for the app switcher (aka Overview or Recents). Instead of scrolling up and down to move between tiny cards of your open apps and swiping sideways to close them, you now scroll sideways between full snapshots of your open apps and swipe up to close one of them. One detail that slipped by us, though, is that this whole interface is now bundled with the Pixel Launcher, not the Android system.

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Google appears to be testing iPhone X-style gesture navigation in Android P

The way we navigate around Android's interface has changed a lot over the years, from the early days of physical buttons, to touch-sensitive capacitive keys, and now on-screen virtual buttons that dominate modern handsets. But even that may not be where things stay for too much longer, and a screenshot Google recently shared is now stirring up theories about a possible iPhone X-like gesture navigation interface for Android P.

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Google Camera v5.2 adds dirty lens warnings, buries grid options, hints at Portrait mode app shortcut and circus mode [APK Teardown]

A new version of the Google Camera app is beginning to roll out, and there are quite a few interesting adjustments in this update. The Settings screen looks much better with a full set of icons, and there are several new additions to be found within it. Grid overlays have been moved into the Settings screen, and double-taps can now be configured with a different action. A long-awaited feature, Dirty lens warnings, can now be enabled. A teardown also suggests there will be a new app shortcut to launch Portrait mode, and hints at something called Circus mode.

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Pull-to-refresh is now working on Chrome OS

It's easy to take a gesture as intuitive as pull-to-refresh for granted. That simple downward pull to reload content really only came into being once smartphones started becoming a thing: it was only used for the first time by a Twitter app called Tweetie back in 2008. Before that, we were mostly reduced to tapping a little 'reload' button to refresh content. Yuck. Twitter eventually acquired the app and filed for a patent on the gesture, though it promised to only use the patent defensively. Anyway, that's a little history on the now-ubiquitous gesture, which I'm sure will come in handy at your next cocktail party.

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[Impressive] Chrooma Keyboard 3.0 adds gestures, themes and adaptive colors, Google Now integration, an action bar, more

Whoa. It's not easy for me to be impressed by a keyboard. I have been a staunch Google Keyboard user on all of my devices from the day it was released as a standalone app on the Play Store many moons ago. Every other keyboard I have tried — and I've tried plenty — fails to even register within the usable spectrum for me: lags and/or lack of precision have killed many revered third-party options.

I confess, I'd never tried Chrooma before today, mainly because I'd given up on finding any third-party keyboard, regardless of how many cool options it has, that lets me type as efficiently and comfortably as Google Keyboard has.

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