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[Update: New Chrome OS render shows side-mounted scanner] Chromebooks with fingerprint sensors are closer than ever

Biometric authentication is nothing new for laptops. However, no Chromebook, even Google's flagship Pixelbook, has ever had a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition. Sure, you could use your phone's fingerprint sensor via Smart Lock, but that's just not the same. A commit for face unlock was discovered on Chromium Gerrit just a few days ago, and now, one for fingerprint sensors has been spotted as well.

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4K Chromebook hardware with codename 'Atlas' emerges

Back in February, a commit to the Chromium Gerrit revealed that "secret" 4K Chromebooks were in the pipeline. The comment attached to the commit, at the time, seemed like just a wink and a nod to the future possibility, but it appears there may be a specific name attached to Chrome OS' 4K future. "Atlas" is the codename for a 4K-equipped board recently discovered in a file on Google's Chromium Git. 

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'Secret upcoming 4K Chromebooks' mentioned in Chrome OS commit

The Pixelbook sports a 12.3" 2400x1600 display, and nobody's complaining about it. In fact, we even praised it in our review for being nice in basically every aspect. But companies are constantly seeking to cram more and more pixels into their devices' screens, and Google is no different. According to a recent Chrome OS commit, we'll be seeing 4K displays on Chromebooks in the near future.

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HDR video support is coming to Chrome for Android soon

A couple of devices these days support HDR, though not many apps do. YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play Movies are among those apps that can handle HDR playback, and one more may soon be joining them: Chrome. This information comes courtesy of two commits that were recently spotted on Chromium Gerrit.

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