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Ring Fetch will track your dog using Amazon's new low-energy IoT protocol

Amazon announced a slew of new devices and "motherfucking" Echo features during its September event, but it also offered a glimpse at a new concept called Amazon Sidewalk, a low-energy networking standard for IoT devices outside your home. This might be useful to geofence your dog or to monitor your plants' water requirements.

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[APK Download] Google Wallet 8.0 Rolls Out With Visual Improvements And Optimized List For Gift Cards And Loyalty Programs

It's Update Wednesday again, and Google is firing on all cylinders. We've seen updates for both Android Wear and the companion app, Chromecast, Cardboard (who saw that coming?), and many more. Google Wallet also found its way onto the list with a few changes to its organization and styling. It started rolling out today, but we've got the latest version ready to download right now.

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A post on Google+ earlier today calls out the most significant change for this version, which brings together gift cards, loyalty programs, and offers into a single link on the navigation drawer.

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