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Geekbench 4 now available on Android for all your benchmarking needs

Earlier this month, I wrote about possibly the worst benchmarking application I had ever seen, 'Nenamark.' But Geekbench has come to save the day, bringing their Geekbench 4 benchmarking utility to Android. Geekbench is another cross-platform benchmarking program, so you can compare your results to a wide range of devices.

The Android Geekbench app, at least compared to the Windows/macOS equivalents, seems rather simplistic. You can benchmark your device's CPU and GPU, which are displayed as a number at the end (unlike Nenamark). The CPU benchmark performs both single-core and multi-core results, which is a nice touch. Unfortunately, Geekbench's battery test has been removed in this version.

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[New App] Geekbench 3 Benchmark Released, Adds Multi-Core Testing (And Not Much Else) For 99¢

The Geekbench benchmarking program is a staple on PCs, thanks to quick and varied tests for multiple hardware systems and an impressive database of results. The Geekbench 2 test has been gaining steam on Android as well - we've used it in a few reviews and comparisons. Version 3 has been released as a stand-alone app, but the small list of improvements hardly seems to justify it. It's a good thing that it only costs a dollar.

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The biggest change in Geekbench 3 is that the primary rating is split into single-core and multi-core scores. Previous versions were more than capable of testing multi-core processors, but splitting up the score allows users to better predict how single and multi-threaded apps will perform.

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