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[Update: Appears to be resolved] Gear devices broken on Pie for some, Samsung says it's working on fix

This week has been an exciting one for us Android geeks, what with the stable release of Pie and all. For some (including me), however, that enthusiasm for the latest version of our favorite mobile OS was a bit tempered. See, the update messed with our Gear devices (S2, S3, Icon X) and now they won't connect — though, some people are saying their stuff is fine. Thing is, this has been a known issue since at least Developer Preview 2 several months ago, but Samsung says it's working on a fix.

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New trademarks suggest Samsung may move away from 'Gear' wearable branding

Samsung's wearables—fully wireless earbuds, watches, and fitness bands—have traditionally fallen under the "Gear" umbrella. A couple of new filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office suggest that could change, though: Samsung has applied for trademarks on the names Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Fit.

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Update for Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear Fit2 improves how information is displayed

Samsung has announced an update for its Gear Fit2 and Gear Fit2 Pro smartwatches. The new features are designed to improve the display of data on the devices. New functions are also included, such as Weight Management and Fitness Program, previously only available on the Gear Sport.

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Samsung announces 2 Gear S3 variants at IFA with larger designs, GPS, and Samsung Pay

After some teasing in weeks prior, Samsung has taken the wraps off the Gear S3 at IFA. Although the Gear S2 was already a potent smartwatch, the Gear S3 adds a host of new features that make it even more competitive with Android Wear's crop of offerings, including the just-announced ASUS ZenWatch 3.

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Samsung Announces The Gear Fit2 Sports Band And Gear IconX Wireless Earbuds

Samsung is whipping its accessory offerings into shape today with two new fitness-oriented products. The Gear Fit2 is about what you'd expect, a followup to the original Gear Fit smart sports band. The Gear IconX is something new from Samsung. It's a pair of completely wireless earbuds that include some standalone fitness tracking features. If this sounds familiar, that's because both products leaked in April.

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New Gear SDK Includes Details About Samsung's Upcoming Round Smartwatch

Samsung was early to the recent smartwatch craze, but its products haven't exactly sold like gangbusters. While Samsung has made an Android Wear watch, it seems more interested in moving forward with its Tizen-based Gear platform, and the new Gear SDK offers a lot of detail about that next device. It'll be round, but that's not the only thing we know.


The watch will have a 1.18-inch round display with a resolution of 360x360. That's not very large, but the overall device will probably be much less ridiculous as a result. Samsung is planning to use a metal frame with a large crown button that makes the device look more like a real watch.

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Samsung Announces Tizen-Powered Gear S Smartwatch And Gear Circle Earbuds

This is a story you've heard before - Samsung has announced another smartwatch. Not content with its current bevy of smartwatch offerings, the South Korean manufacturer has introduced the Gear S, a new Tizen-powered watch with a curved display that Samsung says "enhances the smart wearable experience."

The watch has a 2.0" SAMOLED display at a 360x480 resolution, a 300mAh battery, a dual-core processor, and a handful of sensors including an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, heart rate monitor, barometer, and sensors for ambient light and UV. Like some of Samsung's other watches, users can also make and receive calls from the device.

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Samsung's Virtual Reality Headset Shows Up In A Photo Ahead Of Alleged IFA Unveiling

We've heard rumor after rumor of Samsung's virtual reality headset in recent weeks, and according to the Verge the manufacturer is (as previous rumors suggested) set to unveil the device (codenamed Project Moonlight) at its upcoming Unpacked event in Berlin and New York, where Samsung is also expected to announce the Galaxy Note 4. What's more, the Verge has what appears to be a photo of the headset, next to a Samsung phone and Bluetooth controller.


The image seems to show a focus dial and ample lenses, as well as a front panel that would hold a phone, falling in line with previous rumors.

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Original Galaxy Gear Leaves Android Behind, Now Getting Updated To Tizen

We knew it was coming, but that doesn't make it any less weird to me. Samsung is now rolling out an update to the original Galaxy Gear that effectively removes Android, replacing it with the company's self-built mobile OS, Tizen (which is what the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit are all running). This immediately raises one question in my mind: since "Galaxy" is Samsung's branding for Android devices, will it just be called "Gear" moving forward? Something to ponder on your Friday morning.

But I digress, there's a good chance this is a smart move. Android simply isn't ready for wearables (in its current state, anyway).

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The Wall Street Journal Confirms Samsung Has A Standalone Smartwatch With SIM Card In The Works, Due Out This Summer

It looks like Samsung is at it again. The company that unveiled a successor to the Galaxy Gear after only a few short months is already planning on releasing yet another smartwatch. This time the wrist-bound device should function as a standalone phone and not require something to pair to. According to the Wall Street Journal, we can expect it to drop sometime this summer.


This product, which follows behind the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit, will differientiate itself by shipping with a SIM card and the ability to place calls. It will also come with the ability to take photos and send email, the latter of which places it further above the capabilities of its predecessors.

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