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[Update: Gear S3 confirmed] Samsung sends out press invite for IFA, likely to unveil Gear S3 there

For the past two years, Samsung has unveiled its Tizen-powered Gear smartwatches at IFA Berlin; the Gear S was shown off for the first time at IFA 2014, and the Gear S2 and S2 Classic were released at IFA 2015. Judging from the watch hands on the press invite the company sent us, it intends to continue this trend.

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Samsung's Sizzle Reels For The Galaxy Note 4 And Gear S Show Off All The Cool TouchWiz Stuff You'll Ignore

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is here, and considering the company's absolutely dominant position in the "phablet" marketplace, it's likely to become one of the best-selling Android phones over the next year. That being the case, why not take a gander at Samsung's introductory video for its new flagship? The official introduction, or gadget porn if you will, is below.

Note 4

As usual with Samsung's "trailers," the actual hardware isn't really the focus. The video does highlight the new metal frame, which some users have been waiting for years to see, and the basic specs get a quick look at the beginning.

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Fleksy Keyboard Gets Its First OEM Partnership, Will Be Available On The Samsung Gear S

Update: A Fleksy representative contacted us to say that the keyboard will be available as a free download to all Gear S owners, but will not be pre-installed. The title of this post has been changed to reflect this.


The Gear S is an interesting device, not so much for its hardware as for its approach: Samsung decided to equip the smartwatch with a stand-alone wireless connection so it can work just fine on its own, thank you. Of course, that also means that for at least some of the time you'll need to operate it like a smartphone strapped to your wrist...

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Nokia Is Bringing Its HERE Map And Navigation Service To Android, But Only For Samsung Phones

Nokia is generally regarded as the best maker of Windows-powered phones on the market, which is probably why Microsoft snatched them up. While most of that attention is focused on the Finnish company's solid hardware, Nokia's custom HERE mapping platform has also received rave reviews, with many saying it outperforms Microsoft's own maps. Now Nokia is bringing a beta version of HERE Maps to Android... but strangely, only on Samsung hardware.


The announcement was made on the official HERE website, highlighting the app's capability of turn-by-turn navigation without the need for an Internet connection. It achieves this by downloading cached maps for entire countries and regions for use offline.

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