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[Update: Now $189] Deal Alert: Samsung's new Gear 360 camera is $209 ($20 off) on Amazon

Back in March, Samsung revealed the second-generation Gear 360 camera alongside the Galaxy S8. The new design did away with the tripod mount in favor of a non-moving grip handle, and it could record video at a higher resolution than the old model. Now you can get it for $209.46 on Amazon, a drop of $20.53 from the original price.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Gear 360 (1st gen) for $144.99 on Amazon, for Prime members

Samsung's first 360-degree camera, the fittingly-named Gear 360, was released in the United States in August of last year. A new model was announced alongside the Galaxy S8, and as such, prices on the original have been steadily dropping. Now you can get the 1st gen Gear 360 for $144.99 on Amazon, as long as you have Amazon Prime.

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[Update: Now $157] Deal Alert: Samsung Gear 360 1st gen down to $168.55 on Amazon

Summer time is almost here and if you're planning a trip or vacation somewhere, or if you have a couple of months full of activities and fun, then you're probably looking at grabbing a new camera. Action cams are awesome, but what if you're not the super adventurous kind and you just want to capture the moment in a unique way? Then you might be looking at 360 cams. And today we've got a deal on one of them.

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Samsung's new Gear 360 camera is available today for $229

Back in March, Samsung announced the successor to its popular Gear 360 action camera. The GoPro competitor won many fans with its ability to record video in 360 degrees via two fisheye lenses. The 2nd generation version promises more of the same, but with 4K video recording plus a smaller, lighter frame. Samsung has now released the device in the US and it's available for $229.

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The companion app for the new Samsung Gear 360 is live on the Play Store [APK Download]

Alongside the introduction of the Galaxy S8, Samsung showed off its new Gear 360 camera. Like last year's model, it has two fish-eye lenses to capture 360-degree video. Now the app has showed up on the Play Store, and we have the APK.

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Samsung's reveals a new Gear 360 camera, smaller and lighter than the original

Samsung's Gear 360 from last year was a pretty neat little camera. Like many similar products, it recorded 360-degree video with two fish-eye lenses. But it had a few faults - it only officially worked with Galaxy phones, and it was fairly expensive at $350. Alongside the Galaxy S8, Samsung revealed a new model of the Gear 360.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Samsung Gear 360 camera for $189.99 ($160 off) from Groupon

Samsung's first action camera, the Gear 360, was announced back in February of last year and released in August. The camera's main selling point is its two fish-eye lenses, capable of recording 360-degree video. Now you can get the Gear 360 for just $189.99 - the lowest price we've seen for it.

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[Deal Alert] The Samsung Gear 360 is available on Amazon for $226 ($124 off)

The great thing about 360 cameras is they can capture a moment in time from literally all angles, seeing as they're 360°. If you like the sound of that, take a look at this: Samsung's dust and water resistant Gear 360 is currently down to $225.99 on Amazon, which equates to $125 off the launch price of $350.

This is probably because 360 cameras are seen as a bit niche by most of the population. It is true that not everyone needs one; the simple fact of the matter is that not everybody has to take a photo in 360°. However, everyone should want one, and that's the point here - they're such a cool item to have in your technology inventory.

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[Update: Now ~$260] Deal alert: Grab the Gear 360 for $273 at many retailers, $77 off its original price

360 cameras are awesome. I love my LG 360 Cam and find it is perfect for encapsulating a moment in time into one shot and letting you sort of travel back in time and immerse yourself in everything around you during the second the picture or video was taken. If you haven't bought a 360 camera yet and you're wondering what the fuss is about, there's a nice deal on Samsung's Gear 360 today at several retailers dropping the price down to around $273 from its original MSRP of $350.

The Gear 360 has dual 15MP f/2.0 fisheye lenses for 3840 x 1920 360-degree (horizontally and vertically) videos and 30MP still images.

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[Deal Alert] The Samsung Gear 360 camera is $50 off at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo

360-degree video is So Hot Right Now. Between the launch of Daydream, expanded support in apps like YouTube, and a continuing interest in headsets like Gear VR and the Oculus Rift, video creators wouldn't be unwise to dip a toe into this particular pool. (If only wearables had stayed so hot.) Samsung's consumer-grade 360-degree camera, creatively called the Gear 360, is currently on sale for $50 off at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo. That brings the price down to $299.99.

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