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Gboard is about to get a new look on Android

Google has been working on a Gboard redesign for more than two months now, and it looks like the company is finally starting to roll it out to the first few beta testers currently using version 9.8.07 of the app. The new look trades the Roboto font for Product Sans and fits the latest revisions to Google's Material Theme much better.

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Gboard will nudge you to install the Bitmoji app in new test

About two years ago, around the time when Apple introduced its Memojis, Google countered with the addition of Snapchat Bitmoji in Gboard. You'd be forgiven if you've long forgotten about the custom stickers created based on images of you, but in an attempt to bring them back, Google has now added a new extra Bitmoji tab to its keyboard, even if you don't have the respective app installed.

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Dashlane beta adds support for Android 11's keyboard-based autofill method

Google revealed a revamped API for autofill services in Android 11, hooking right into supported keyboards like Gboard. We already saw what this looks like for Google's own password manager and 1Password, but now Dashlane is also working on making its product compatible with the new API. The password management tool's latest beta already allows you to autofill right through the keyboard on Android 11.

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Gboard picks up convenient table-based UI for choosing emoji skin tone combinations

Emoji allows for creative forms of self-expression not possible through mere words. The tiny little icons have gotten a lot more customizable since their inception in 1997. Google added support for multiple skin tones with Android Nougat in 2016, and while it's great to see folks from all over represented, the increased number of modifications did introduce UI challenges. Now Gboard is rolling out a new interface that makes selecting between different combinations of skin tone a little bit easier.

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Gboard rolls out real-time transcription and translation (APK download)

In mid-July, Gboard's Play Store listing added a cryptic changelog that mentioned voice dictation translations. We started looking for signs of that feature and couldn't find any until now, when it finally showed up on the latest Gboard beta v9.7. Google has also confirmed to us that it's rolling it out to everyone.

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New Google Assistant voice typing UI showing up in Gboard

Gboard users are being fed some new features that run the gamut from big to small. The biggest out of them is that some Pixel owners are now seeing a new Google Assistant-powered voice typing UI.

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Android 11 will make password autofill much better thanks to keyboard integration

Android has offered native autofill since Android 9 Pie, but despite that being an official method, actually filling out passwords and addresses is sometimes wonky, and phones often need a few seconds to recognize password entry fields. Google wants to improve that experience with Android 11 and has introduced a new autofill method that integrates with your keyboard, be it Gboard or a third-party app.

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Android TV is getting Instant Apps, Gboard updates, and PIN-based purchases

Android TV doesn't always feel like it's getting much attention, but the user base has grown substantially in recent history. According to Google, the number of active devices has grown by 80% in the last year, owed largely to adoption by seven out of the top ten smart TV manufacturers and set-top boxes from 160 TV service providers. With so many new users and a continually growing assortment of apps, Google is highlighting changes to the platform that will improve the experience for users and developers.

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Android 10 users get access to Android 11's new emojis in a quirky way

On almost every OS and platform, support for new emojis usually requires a software update. This is generally the case with Android too: a new version brings the ability to display new emojis system-wide then Gboard gets updated to support sending those. We're on the cusp of a change, though, as Android 10 users have suddenly gained the ability to display and send 11's smileys through a combination of Gboard and Messages.

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Gboard gets a ton of new suggestions: Stickers, smart replies, and GIF search

Google is constantly enhancing Gboard with new smart features, making many people question why they should even install third-party keyboards at all. These days, the app already comes with tons of intelligent suggestions for clipboard items, GIFs and stickers search, and, uh, podcasts. With the latest slew of server-side experiments and updates, Google is adding even more proactive features: Some people report seeing smart replies, and others see sticker recommendations right on top of the keyboard while typing. There are also intelligent GIF search recommendations based on the last text you sent.

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