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Plan your next boating trip with Garmin's new ActiveCaptain app

Yesterday Garmin introduced its new ActiveCaptain app for Android. ActiveCaptain interfaces with your boat's Garmin chartplotter, providing you with a 2nd screen companion that gives you access to all your charts and maps, as well as feeding things like notifications back the other way. With the new app, you can plan your next trip on your phone and sync it over to your boat's chartplotter later. 

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Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa is a tiny smart GPS unit for your car

If you think it looks like a miniature Echo Dot for your car, you're basically spot on. The Garmin Speak is a GPS navigation unit with Amazon Alexa built-in. It was announced yesterday and is the first in-car device of its kind to add Alexa capabilities. At just an inch and a half, it's tiny, and yet it offers the same turn-by-turn GPS navigation as Garmin's other products while also including Amazon's smart assistant.

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Garmin announces three new wearables, and Garmin Pay for NFC payments

Just a few days ago, Fitbit announced its first true smartwatch, alongside Bluetooth earbuds and a smart scale. But if you prefer Garmin's products, you'll be happy to know that the company just unveiled three new wearables, and a payment platform called Garmin Pay.

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Garmin announces the VIRB 360-degree action camera, can record video at 5.7k and costs $799.99

There are a handful of good 360-degree cameras for consumers, like the Samsung Gear 360 and EZVIZ Mini 360. Garmin's first entry into this product category was announced today - the VIRB 360. It's a pretty powerful little camera, but you'll be paying a premium for it.

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Garmin launches new fēnix® 5 sports and smartwatch series, adds Uber, nuun, and more apps

We don't often talk about Garmin here, mostly because the company hasn't been a smartwatch or wearable maker in the traditional sense, but it's getting harder and harder to mention any fitness tracker without naming Garmin in some form or another. Its vivosmart lineup, among others, is almost universally loved by everyone who has tried it, its brand is recognizable, hardware is capable and competitively priced, and software experience is getting better and better, making it the second largest smartwatch maker in Q3 2016 according to IDC.

One of the flagships of Garmin's smartwatch line-up is the fēnix series, a watch that combines everyday activity and sleep tracking, smartwatch notifications and features, super detailed exercise tracking across different types of sports (running, swimming, cycling, hiking, golf, ski, snowboard, paddle sports, and so on), GPS logging, water resistance up to 100m, continuous heart-rate monitoring, and more.

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Garmin's vivofit jr. arrives alongside its Android app

A few days ago, Garmin announced its newest wearable for kids: the vivofit jr. Despite the name being in lowercase, it sounds like a pretty neat device. Garmin claims that it is water-resistant, comfortable, durable, and that it has more than a year's worth of battery life. Like other fitness trackers, the vivofit jr. will monitor the child's steps, sleep, and physical activity.

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[Pawesome] Garmin releases Delta Smart dog training and activity tracker with Canine app for Android

Are you having a rrrruff time training your dog and keeping him away from trouble? Is he taking ages to develop some people skills and improve his corgnitive behavior? Garmin has a solution to make your little canine the most puppylar in the park, on the street, and at home. It's a Bluetooth training and activity tracker called the Delta Smart and it costs a wooffing $149.99. But for your best friend, that's the leash you can do.

Delta Smart comes with three attachment bands to fit on any collar size. It's made of a durable material, water-resistant up to 1ATM (splashes and rain/snow, but no swimming), and its battery lasts up to three weeks, so you won't have to pug it in frequently to charge.

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Garmin Connect Updated With A Dramatically Improved Interface And More Features, Sucks Much Less Now

If you use any of Garmin's activity tracking devices — be it Edge, Forerunner, Approach, or any of the others — then you've likely used the Garmin Connect app. For as long as I can remember, this has been a buggy, ugly, and almost useless app that didn't work correctly most of the time. In fact, about half the time when I fired it up to enable Live Tracking on my Edge 510, I was faced with a blank white screen. Sometimes a phone reboot would remedy the issue, other times it wouldn't. When the app did work, it was somewhat useful, but it always lacked info that I wanted to see, leaving me with no other option but to hit up the Garmin Connect website (which isn't that great, either).

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Amiigo Review: An Activity And Gym Workout Tracker With Lots Of Potential And Even More Issues

I had my eyes on Amiigo the moment it was mentioned here on Android Police back in January 2013. The promised features seemed like everything I wanted in an all-day sleep and activity tracker, especially with its waterproof design and swimming capability. See, runners and cyclists have it easy: there are dozens if not hundreds of gadgets they have been able to use for the past years to track their workouts. But swimmers, well, let's just say the choice has always been limited and it was even more so in 2013 when you wanted a smart tracker that synced with Android.

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Nike+ Running Can Now Automatically Sync With Garmin And TomTom Following 1.6 Update

The Nike+ Running app has crossed mile marker 1.6, and it's joined by a few other racers. Surprisingly, all of them manage to run in sync.

GPS makers Garmin and TomTom both produce their own fitness apps as side-gigs, and now Nike+ integrates with them both. Either partner's runs will automatically appear inside of Nike+ Running. You can find the information under your activity history.

Nike+1 Nike+2

This release also includes auto-pause, which pretty much does what the name says. Your runs will automatically pause and resume when you stop moving. If you don't like it, you can toggle this option in the app's settings.

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