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Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller at all-time low of $104 ($46 off) on Amazon

In the market for a big improvement to your garden irrigation system? There are plenty of options out there, but if you're looking for a great deal on one, Rachio's 2nd-generation Smart Sprinkler Controller is on sale at Amazon right now with the 8-zone version at its lowest recorded price. And heck, the 16-zone version ain't looking too shabby at this point, either.

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Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden Slides Into The Play Store For All Your Deck, Pool, And Open-Air Planning Needs

Now that you've planned and designed every inch inside your house with Home Design 3D, it's time that you took a look at that patch of fading greenery outside and made it look like a legit garden. You've always wanted a pool, haven't you? And a couple of trees, a few lounging chairs, a pergola, and a new fence to enclose it all. Well, lucky you, Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden has made it into the Play Store and you can start your project right away to get it done while there's still some sunshine outside.

The app is coming simultaneously to Android and iOS, and brings with it the same features that you're used to seeing in its interior design sister app.

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[New App] Parrot Flower Power Beta Will Keep Your Plants Happy And Alive

If you own a Parrot Flower Power smart plant sensor, or you're thinking about buying one, you will be happy to know that the device isn't limited to syncing with an iOS app anymore. The Android app is out in open beta now on the Play Store, letting you monitor all your garden and plant needs from your phone.

Data is retrieved via Bluetooth Low Energy from the plant sensor and sent via the app to the Parrot Cloud for analysis. But what kind of data would that be? Well, the Flower Power sensor is capable of measuring soil moisture, air and soil temperature, sunlight, and soil electrical conductivity (an indicator of the fertilizer amount).

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