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YouTube Music finally gets gapless playback through server-side rollout (Update: Wider availability)

If you regularly use YouTube Music to experience songs, either through just the audio or with the accompanying music video, you might have lamented on its inability to properly playback songs with seamless transitions. That sucks if you're trying to sink into a full, continuous LP like Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon." But some users are now reporting that the app is starting to do so in what appears to be a server-side feature rollout.

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Amazon Music adds gapless playback and loudness normalization to its Android app

Even though we mostly write about Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music around here, we mustn't forget that Amazon Music also exists. The retail giant sets itself apart from the pack by including a limited selection of content for Prime subscribers, all while also offering a fully-fledged streaming service of its own with 50 million tunes called Music Unlimited. After rumors of a Tidal-like high-fidelity Amazon service, the company sure seems to set certain wheels into motion to allow for better audio enjoyment. In the meantime, an update to the Amazon Music Android app adds loudness normalization and gapless playback.

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