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Hands-on with the Asus ROG Phone: It's actually kind of cool

It is a well-established fact that "gaming" phones are little more than a marketing gimmick. There's nothing about these devices that makes them better for gaming than the next high-end smartphone. Well, the Asus ROG Phone might be the exception that proves the rule. I was skeptical of it when it was announced, just like I am of every other supposed gaming smartphone. To my surprise, I actually liked using the device, and I can see how it could credibly be called a "gaming phone."

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Doogee announces the S70, a rugged (and ugly) gaming phone

Phone manufacturer Doogee mostly sticks to cheap, uninteresting devices that fly under the radar. It does occasionally pop up with some weird piece of hardware like the sliding Mix 4 or the ruggedized S60. Today, Doogee is getting in on the latest smartphone fad: gaming phones. The S70 keeps the questionable rugged styling from the S60 and adds upgraded specs and a gamepad attachment.

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