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NBA Now is Gamevil's answer to 2K's and EA's professional basketball games

It would appear that Gamevil has centered its sights on American sports, what with the release of MLB Perfect Inning 2019 earlier this year, and today's launch of NBA Now, a free-to-play professional basketball game. Gamevil has indeed secured an official NBA licensed for this release, which means all of your favorite NBA teams and players are available. So if you'd like to build a championship team from the comfort of your phone, NBA Now is here to stir up some competition in the mobile sports gaming world.

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Gamevil is bringing a Project CARS spin-off to mobile, and this is what it looks like

Project CARS is a popular motorsport racing simulator on PC and consoles, and apparently, the developer Slightly Mad Studios is teaming up with Gamevil to release an offshoot of the IP on mobile. It's currently going by the name Project CARS GO, which shouldn't be confused with Square Enix's Go series of puzzle games. Details are still very light, but if there is anything interesting about this announcement worth pointing out, it would be the fact that this is Gamevil's first foray into the racing game scene. Let's just say I'm a little trepidatious about this news.

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[New Game] Gamevil And The MLB Wonder If You Can Mix A High-End Baseball Sim With Free-To-Play In MLB Perfect Inning

Earlier today we posted on a new version of RBI Baseball for Android. You know what, I'm just going to recommend you read that story instead. Go ahead, close this tab and read the story about the premium baseball game with decades of history and no in-app purchases. It's OK. I won't feel bad. Just go.

unnamed (2)

Still with me? OK. MLB Perfect Inning is a high-end baseball sim from Gamevil. In addition to some very impressive graphics and and the licensed likenesses of over 200 Major League Baseball players, it features motion capture from real-life pitchers and catchers. Players and stadiums are rendered in detail, or at least enough detail that it's appealing while still being playable by most recent Android phones and tablets.

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GAMEVIL Buys Com2Us, Pay $.99 Or 5 Gold Coins To Read The Rest Of This Headline

Gamevil (or GAMEVIL, if you're reading the press release) is a South Korean mobile developer and publisher best known for the Zenonia series of action RPGs, among many others. Com2us (or Com2uS, likewise) is another South Korean mobile developer and publisher best known for the Homerun Battle series of sports games, among many others. Today Gamevil bought Com2us. Hooray for the happy couple.

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These companies are so similar that it's barely surprising that they're tying the knot. Both companies have been prolific with their Android games, releasing new titles on an almost weekly basis for years. Both companies tend to lean towards anime style, even in games where they don't really fit.

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[Editorial] Gamevil's Cartoon Wars: Blade Shows Other Developers How Not To Make A Fremium Game

Look, Gamevil, we need to talk. You folks have been doing some fine work in the mobile gaming world, you really have. Zenonia, Baseball Superstars, Colosseum, well-made titles all. And I'm sure plenty of cash-strapped gamers appreciate that the vast majority of your games can be played for free. But in the last few months, you've become the poster child of everything that's wrong with mobile gaming.

2013-02-08 13.38.48

Case in point: your brand new entry in the much-loved Cartoon Wars series. Cartoon Wars: Blade takes a more old-school approach to the action genre, with simple Battletoads-style 2D fighting. There's a pretty interesting inventory and weapon system, too, with two active melee weapons and a ranged weapon functioning as a special attack.

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[New Game] Gamevil's Baseball Superstars 2013 Goes Global, Complete With Vampires, Barbarians, And Robots

Baseball is America's game. There's nothing more classic than breaking out the old Louisville Slugger for a round of pick-up, and adding sexy nurses and super-deformed dark knights in no way detracts from the feeling of nostalgia. Such is the case with the well-established Baseball Superstars franchise, which Gamevil is bringing back for another round on Android. The 2013 release was previously restricted to South Korea, Gamevil's home country, but now it's available worldwide with plenty of language options. It's a free download.

What will zero dollars and 48Mb get you? An anime-inspired baseball game with plenty of RPG elements. While the standard pitcher-hitter game is the core of Superstars 2013, it's got an RPG quest system to build up stats and get some extra boost while playing, not to mention recruit wacky players to your team.

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[New Game] Once More, With Feeling: Gamevil's Zenonia 5 Available Now With Global Multiplayer

Gamevil's Zenonia franchise has been impossible to ignore on Android, if only because there have been four relatively high-budget releases in as many years. The fifth installment of the action RPG series, subtitled "Wheel Of Destiny" in the continuing tradition of semi-meaningless JRPG convention, is available now. It's a free download for anyone running Android 2.2 or later.

Gamevil's claim that Zenonia is the "definitive action RPG" might be a little dubious, but it's certainly got its share of fans. If you haven't played any of the previous games, think of it as old-school, 2D Zelda with more RPG elements: leveling statistics, multi-character parties, and tons of loot.

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[New Game] GAMEVIL Brings Punch-Out Style Fun To Mobile Devices With 'Punch Hero'

When I was younger, Mike Tyson's Punch Out for the old-school Nintendo was one of my favorite games. It was challenging, crazy-fun, and had a fat king with no nose. Fast-forward many years, and the classic title returned with some familiar faces on the Wii, and it was just as much fun as the original.

One of the best things about Punch Out was (and still is) its whimsical style; along those same lines is a new game from Gamevil called Punch Hero.

1 2 3

Punch Hero combines intuitive swipe-style controls with fully-customizable gameplay, almost as if it builds off of and expands the fun of the old-school classic.

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[New Game] GAMEVIL Distils Soccer Down To Its Addictive Essence With Freekick Battle

You can always rely on Gamevil to create engaging little games that will eat up your free time. In that spirit, Gamevil has released a new game on Google Play called Freekick Battle. This title has easy-to-master controls and a single goal: to err... score goals. All that other soccer stuff is out the window, though. All you're doing here is taking free kicks. It's just you and the defenders. 

The controls are very simple, so after a few minutes you'll get the hang of it. Just line up the shot, and use the big soccer ball button to determine the speed and angle of the kick.

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GAMEVIL Releases Illusia 2 – Save the Dream World With New Gameplay Modes, Characters, And More Customization Than Ever

Following up on the success of the self-billed "blockbuster casual platform action RPG" Illusia, GAMEVIL recently released Illusia 2 to the Play Store, promising a "thrilling storyline full of twists and turns," and "endless customizable options."

For those unfamiliar with the original game, Illusia is a side-scrolling RPG with heavy fantasy influence and a focus on quests, equipment upgrades, and overall immersive gameplay. Illusia 2, in keeping with the original, offers a rich, colorful art style, core RPG elements, and a compelling storyline. Illusia 2 follows Angela, Chris, and Ares as they work to restore peace to the Dream World, which is suffering from nightmares triggered by an unknown evil force.

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