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Live Screen Streaming App From Sony Streams Your Screen Live To Twitch And YouTube, But It Only Works With Z4 Generation [Updated]

Hey you! Yes, you, with the 60-hour-a-week League of Legends habit and the inordinately expensive microphone setup! Do you aspire to make seven million dollars a year, but lack the apparent "talent" and "charm" of the Twitch streaming giants? Well ditch desktop gaming - it's old and over-saturated.

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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of June 2015

June didn't see any huge releases in terms of Android apps, though we did finally get a publicly-available version of the Kodi Media Center, and Photoshop for Android (yes, yet another version of Photoshop). There are also some new tools for cloud storage fans, and probably the best cooking app on the Play Store. We've got some notable extras (especially if you're a Stephen Colbert fan). Here in no particular order are the best seven new apps from June, along with some honorable mentions.

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NVIDIA Extends Free GRID Access To July 31st, GRID Store Launches In August

NVIDIA's cloud-based game streaming service has been available on SHIELD devices as a free beta for a long time now, but the subscription version of the service was supposed to be arriving around now. According to NVIDIA, that won't be happening for another month, so GRID continues to be free until July 31st. This applies to all three SHIELD devices.


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NVIDIA Says 1080p 60fps GRID Game Streaming Is Now Live On SHIELD Devices

As part of NVIDIA's Shield console announcement several months ago, it said the GRID game streaming service would be getting an update to operate at 1080p and 60 frames per second. According to NVIDIA, that improvement is now live. If you have a SHIELD Tablet, you can test it right now. The Portable is only 720p, so it's a moot point there.


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Sony Acquires OnLive Game Streaming Tech, Service Will Shut Down On April 30th

After almost going offline in 2012 in the midst of a complete restructuring, OnLive has confirmed the sale of most of its assets to Sony. The deal does not include any continuation of the service, so after five years of streaming, OnLive's gaming service will shut down on April 30th. It's okay, though. You probably weren't using it, thus the reason for the sale.


OnLive was one of the first companies to try commercializing game streaming.

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Shou.TV Is Like Twitch For Your Phone: Stream A Live Video Feed Of Your Android Device To Others, Or Snoop On Theirs Instead

I must confess, I've never seen the appeal of Twitch: why watch other people play video games when you can play them yourself, on the thing you're using to watch them? But enough other people seem to enjoy it that Amazon gobbled up the livestreaming service, and now something very similar has come to Android. Shou.TV is a beta app and service that basically does exactly what Twitch does, but on your phone instead.

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KinoConsole Beta Is A SHIELD-Style PC Game Streaming App, But It Still Needs Some Work

One of the cooler features of NVIDIA's SHIELD and SHIELD Tablet is their capability to remotely play PC games. And one of the more frustrating parts of this feature is that you must have both NIVIDIA's mobile hardware and a high-end NVIDIA graphics card on your gaming PC. A new game streaming app hopes to beat NVIDIA on both of those points. KinoConsole is a free download in the Play Store, and you can grab the server program for your desktop here.

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Sony Shows Off PlayStation 4 Remote Play For The Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, And Z3 Tablet Compact

Tucked into the flurry of news around Sony's trio of new Xperia Z3 devices was the fact that they'll be the first non-gaming gadgets to use the company's proprietary PlayStation 4 Remote Play system. The flagship Xperia Z3, high-powered "mini" Xperia Z3 Compact, and the 8-inch Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact will be able to stream PS4 games and play them across a home Wi-Fi network later this year. The PS4 can already stream gameplay to the PlayStation Vita.

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