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[Update: NFS Most Wanted $0.99] Thursday Game Sales: AVP: Evolution $0.99 (80% Off) And Fieldrunners 2 $0.99 (66% Off)

Ready for some top-notch game titles for a buck each? Great, because we've shortened the deal list to just two extremely worthy titles today: AVP: Evolution and Fieldrunners 2. Both have been knocked down to a mere dollar for Memorial Day weekend, and both are excellent games.

AVP: Evolution

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For the uninitiated who may not be familiar with AVP: Evolution, it's the next stage in the murderous battle for supremacy between the two other-worldly titans of our time: Alien and Predator.

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[Tuesday App/Game Sales] AccuWeather Platinum, Fangz HD, ReLoop Loop Sequencer, And More

Well, it's that time again. Time to talk about apps and games that happen to be cheaper than they are on "normal" days – and today's selection brings some mighty interesting options to the table. If you're into music creation, a couple of tools from developer niko twenty made the cut; there's also something for the aspiring meteorologists (or just someone who wants to know what the weather is like); as well as a pair of intriguing game titles.

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[Thursday App/Game Sales] SwiftKey/SwiftKey Tablet, World Of Goo, Majesty, And More

If you need a way to take your mind off how depressing it is to not be at Google I/O, then maybe a new app or game will help with that. There just so happens to be quite a few on sale today that may be able to help keep your busy brain at bay, lest you might drive yourself insane.


Now, stop being so blue, panda bear.

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Friday App/Game Sales: GTA Vice City, Walk N Text, Jones On Fire, And More [Updated]

Who's ready to kick the weekend off?! If you're looking for a good way to get a relaxing start to your two-days-off, kicking back with a game is a good way to do it. Or maybe you plan on getting out and about but can't put your phone down long enough to actually go somewhere – no worries, there's an app that'll let you walk and text to your heart's content without fear of bumping things or falling into a fountain.

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Weekend App/Game Sales: Flashout 3D, Dropsync Pro, Dextr, Many Tin Man Gamebooks, And More

Lover Boy once told us that "everybody's workin' for the weekend" and that "everybody wants a new romance." If you're glad that your two-days-off are well underway and happen to be looking a new app or game to spend an intimate evening with, we just happen to stumble across a few sales that may hit the spot. Have a looksee.


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