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PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 includes a new Nordic-style map, a monster truck, two new firearms, and more

Typically new PUBG expansions drop near the beginning of the month, and so patch 0.19.0 is officially available starting today. What's unique about this release is that it marks the first time the game has been updated without taking the servers offline in order to ensure a better gaming experience for players, which is nice to see. Beyond the new method to push updates, players can expect to find an all-new Nordic-style map Livik, a map-exclusive vehicle, and two new map-exclusive firearms. It's also clear that PUBG Corporation is continuing the prep work for the launch of season 14 on July 14th.

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PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 adds sandstorms to Miramar, improves graphics, and preps for Season 13

It looks like PUBG Corporation skipped patch 0.17.5, but 0.18.0 is here as of this morning, and it brings with it more than a few changes and additions. The primary focus this month is the release of Mad Miramar, an update to the Classic Miramar map that adds refreshed graphics and a bunch of new zones, not to mention, sandstorms. The P90 makes its first appearance in the Arena Mode, and new cheat detection has been implemented. We also know EvoGround is slated to receive a new mode sometime soon, and new Classic Mode Content should be coming soon as well, along with the launch of Royale Pass Season 13 on May 13th.

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