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Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is available a day early (Updated)

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is a new collection-based strategy RPG that's coming to Android this summer, and it's already available on the Play Store for pre-registration. Player's will take command of the Night's Watch to defend Westeros by collecting notable characters that will be useful in the game's strategic battles. The story takes place a few decades before the timeline of the books and TV show, which means this upcoming release will serve as a prequel of sorts.

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Anyone want to spend $8,200 on a gaudy, non-existent Game of Thrones-themed Samsung Galaxy Fold?

What do you get when you mix a popular TV show, a coveted smartphone from a popular brand (that isn't Huawei), and a customization company that wants to bank on both? A special Samsung Galaxy Fold, Game of Thrones edition, that you could pre-order now, for the lowly sum of $8,200. There are supposedly only seven of these, so if you absolutely must have one, you better start looking for Benjamin Franklins under the sofa cushions and making sure you have the full price ready for your pre-order.

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Google’s new Game of Thrones Chromebook marketing is kinda funny, but mostly cringey

Last Friday (the 19th), the @Google account tweeted out that "Winter is coming for Chromebook..." together with a confusing video that showed a clip from Game of Thrones playing inside Slides on a Chromebook. The crossover event seems to have resolved as a new "White Walkers" page is now up on Google's Chromebook site. At first glance, it seems like an out-of-touch marketing effort, or a last minute attempt to use up acquired licensing, but parts of it are at least a little funny.

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The Doogee S60 is 'the one who reinvents rugged phone'

There are a few rugged smartphones on the market, like the Galaxy Active series or the LG X Venture. But maybe those aren't tough enough for you. Do you need a phone that will survive "fields, underwater and other outdoor environments"? What about one that is "manly, strong, and special in market"? If so, the Doogee S60 might be for you.

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[Hands-on] Game of Thrones: Conquest, probably the most expensive Clash of Clans clone to date

Game of Thrones: Conquest is the latest soft launch title whose APK I have gotten my hands on for testing purposes. I do this in order to give everyone an idea of what to expect when the game is officially released. While the Play Store listing for Game of Thrones: Conquest is described as a combat strategy game that is most obviously based on the Game of Thrones license, all I could hope for is that it doesn't turn out to be yet another Clash of Clans clone. Apparently I was being too optimistic.

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Hulu adds live and on demand access to HBO and Cinemax, just in time for new Game of Thrones

Video streaming app Hulu has recently made great strides in its attempts to catch up with other similar services like Netflix. In the last few months, it's added profiles to support individual watch histories and introduced Google Home integration. It's also got live TV now, and you can read our thoughts about that in our recent review. No streaming service would be complete without quality shows and movies, and with that in mind, Hulu has now added HBO and Cinemax to its burgeoning list of content partners.

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[Update: Gone] Game of Thrones season 5 is free on Google Play, but only in SD

Free stuff is free stuff, no matter what it is. All the better, then, when you like what's being offered. In this case, Google Play is offering HBO's Game of Thrones season 5 in standard definition, which should please a large proportion of people.

Game of Thrones, the TV adaptation of the popular novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin, will surely go down a treat with Google Play shoppers in the US (sorry, everyone else - it looks like you're out of luck here).

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[Deal Alert] Telltales' Game Of Thrones Episodes Are Now $1.99 (60% Off) And The Entire Season Pass Is $4.99 (75% Off)

The way I understand it, Game Of Thrones is a TV show where every character that you love or hate dies, where people get terrified when Winter is coming, and where dragons and nudes cater to every person's weird and unfulfilled fantasies. Or something. I want to watch the show, but I can't handle all the suspense, so I'm going to wait until the last season starts and then binge watch it until I forget what daylight is and what real people do.

The Game of Thrones Android game is a different story though. It's an adventure game developed by Telltale, which has made a name for itself in this genre thanks to intriguing scripts and excellent voice acting.

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Game Of Thrones Season Finale, Episode 6: The Ice Dragon, From Telltale Games Now On Google Play

A year after Telltale Games kicked off its point-and-click take on Game of Thrones, the season is coming to an end. Episode 6: The Ice Dragon is now available inside the Android app. If you haven't bought a season pass, you can snag up the episode for $4.99.

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[Update - Comcast Customers Are Not Invited] HBO GO For Android TV Finally Available For Download

Back in May of this year we reported on the imminent expansion of Android TV apps promised by Google, including an app for HBO GO. The timeline for its release was originally "sometime this summer". Looking out my window at the sodden mess of wet, decaying leaves plastered to my driveway here in Seattle, I think it's safe to say they missed that deadline. Oh well, I guess late is better than never.

HBO Now subscribers have had access to an Android TV app since the beginning of the month, so it's nice to see the far more popular HBO GO app finally catch up.

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