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Samsung's official Galaxy S10 wallpapers all try really hard to hide the display cutout

Some people aren't thrilled with the placement of the Galaxy S10 series' hole-punch cutout, and Samsung seems to be very aware of that. All of the S10's wallpapers conveniently fade to black at their top right corners, which is an interesting tactic. The six new wallpapers are now available for your viewing and downloading pleasure.

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OnePlus Gallery update adds video editing tools, lets you trim clips and mix in background music

The OnePlus 6 has more than a few advantages over the company's previous hardware, which is to be expected, given it's the latest model. But, a handful of the phone's smaller benefits are now trickling down to older handsets via an update to the OnePlus Gallery app. Rolling out now, the app update is bringing some of the OP6's video editing tools—including slow-motion video editing, background music, and general clipping/trimming—to older phones.

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[Gallery] Red OnePlus 6 is a stunning example of why phones need more color options

OnePlus has developed a habit of releasing jazzed-up colors for its phones, including both red and white variants of last year's OnePlus 5T. The release of the Oneplus 6 Red, taken together with the Silk White announced in June, brings the options for the company's latest model up to parity with that history. But it's more than just a return to the theme, this new red color has a stunning degree of depth that photos and descriptions just can't do justice—though I'll try.

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[Gallery] Limited edition Silk White OnePlus 6 is all dressed up for summer

OnePlus phones, historically, have come in a variety of extra or limited-edition styles. Previous color options include Soft Gold and Sandstone White. The new Silk White OnePlus 6 splits that difference with a rose gold-tint, packing the company's latest hardware into a brighter, summer-ready body. 

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Google launches Material Gallery tool for design collaboration [APK Download]

One of the hot topics at Google I/O 2018 has been the evolution of Material Design. The website has been overhauled and lots of new guidelines have been added, with some of the changes being discussed in sessions at the conference. Material Theming is also being introduced to help developers implement the design language in their apps while retaining their own style. Another tool, Material Gallery, has just been launched to help designers organize their projects.

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Android Police has a new and improved image gallery

You probably already know that clicking any image in an Android Police post will open the gallery view. But the feature had a few problems - you couldn't zoom in, and it didn't fill the entire screen. We have now updated the gallery to fix these issues, and added a few new features!

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The default gallery app on some Alcatel phones has been replaced with spamware, and users are angry

Like most Android phone manufacturers, Alcatel has uploaded many of its phones' apps to the Play Store. This allows the company to update various system apps without sending out a full Android upgrade. Some time in mid-November, Alcatel's gallery app received such an update - a very bad update, if reviews from owners of Alcatel phones are any indicator.

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OnePlus Gallery v2 has a new 3-tab interface, adds map UI for geotagged photos

Even when a manufacturer strives for a stock-like experience, they'll still include a few OEM made apps, and that's the case for OnePlus as well. The OnePlus Gallery app might only be up to v1.2.1 on Google Play, but a build for v2 has been making the rounds, and it actually has some significant changes. Most notably a redesigned interface with tabs moved to the bottom and a new "places" section that shows where images were taken. 

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Samsung Gallery is now available on the Play Store


Google's Project Tango gets an official gallery app on the Play Store

So far there are only two devices that officially support Google's neat-o Project Tango spatial detection technology: the original developer kit (no longer being sold) and the shiny new Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. The latter is set to release next month, so Google is preparing the way with a new first-party app, simply called "Tango." It's available as a free download in the Play Store right now, but without access to either the tablet or the phone, you won't be able to play around with it.

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