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Galcon 2 revives a simplified space strategy game with new multiplayer modes and more complex tactics

Here's a blast from the past. The original Galcon came to the Play Store when it wasn't even the Play Store - back in 2010 it was still going by the name "Android Market." It was a super-simple strategy game, adapted from an almost ancient PC shareware title called Galactic Conquest. The original mobile game was quite a popular one - sort of a Threes for the real-time strategy crowd - and today the very welcome sequel has arrived on Android.

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Humble Bundle PC And Android 10 Arrives With Galcon Legends, Beta Version Of Symphony, And More

The latest Humble Bundle has landed, and this time it's offering seven-ish games out of the gate. To clarify that "ish" - those who pay under the average will receive Draw a Stickman: Epic, a copy of Galcon Legends (single-player) that comes with Galcon Fusion (multiplayer), and a beta version of Symphony. This equates to three or four games depending on whether you count Galcon as a single package and/or don't mind playing a title that's still in beta. For the people that beat the average, these games are joined by four more: Breach & Clear, Fieldrunners 2, Metal Slug 3, and Skulls of the Shogun.

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[New Game] From The Makers Of Galcon, Dynamite Jack Blasts Into The Play Store

When you're a space marine, getting captured by aliens is a real drag. You don't get to shoot stuff and you have to slave away in the anathema mines! In Dynamite Jack, you get to bust out of the mines with just a flashlight and an ample supply of bombs. This is a top-down 2D action game, but there's a prominent stealth component that looks very cool.

There are 28 official levels to complete in Dynamite Jack filled with guards, robots, and other hazards. You have to avoid detection while taking out threats with carefully-placed bombs. Once you finish the included levels, there is almost unlimited gameplay potential thanks to the level editor.

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Galcon Space RTS Game Lands On Android Market

One of the most popular games for the iOS platform has just been released for Android, following a rapid porting process by Galcon developed Phil Hassey. On his blog he speaks of his desire to support even low-level Android devices, going as far as to purchase a G1 to use as a development test-bed. The porting process took a little over a week of code translation from the iPhone’s Objective-C to the Android NDK’s C++ and Java. The C/C++ base of Android and iPhone native applications are common so the main challenge was getting the Java interface to “talk to” the C++ code base.

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