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Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Tab S updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

I know what you're thinking. "Haha, it finally got a Marshmallow update when Nougat is out, Samsung sucks." But before you go into the comments and trumpet about how your Nexus 9 already has Nougat, keep in mind that this is a Samsung tablet, from 2014, on Verizon, that is being updated. If any of those alone were true, this would be newsworthy.

The latest update for Verizon's Galaxy Tab S, identified as MMB29M.T807VVRU1CPG6, brings the device up to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This includes all the features that normally come along with Marshmallow, such as Now on Tap (now under a different name), Doze, permissions control, and more.

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[RIP] Galaxy Note7 sales to resume October 21 in the US

The Galaxy Note7 roller coaster is not quite over yet. After reports of the phone's internal battery exploding, Samsung ordered the immediate recall of all Note7 devices worldwide. The Note7 Exchange Program was announced alongside the recall, asking Note7 owners to return their phones to receive fixed stock when it became available. Samsung is placing a high priority on replacing every damaged device first, before continuing sales of the phone to new owners.

VentureBeat has obtained a planning document pointing to October 21 as the official Note7 relaunch in the United States. That's a whole two months after the original release, August 19, and a month after replacement stock will become available to current owners.

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[Deal Alert] Get $20 off any $200+ phone on eBay with a promo code

Here at Android Police, we tell you readers about deals all the time, but we don't often showcase deals that can be applied to an item of your choice. Today, though, is different; eBay will give any buyer $20 off a smartphone purchase, provided that the phone in question is sold for more than $200, with a promo code.

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Samsung offering exchange program for Note7 owners in the US

By now, you've probably already heard about several Note7s exploding due to battery issues. Due to this, Samsung issued a recall for all Galaxy Note7s, halted sales, and stopped shipments. As part of this global recall, Samsung has created a product exchange program for Note7 owners in the United States.

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Samsung Pay launches in Australia for Citibank and American Express cardholders

Samsung Pay has been in the news quite a lot lately as it has added more banks in the US and expanded its availability to China, Singapore, and most recently Spain. Today, it's putting its foot in the land Down Under for the first time and officially launching in Australia.

The mobile payment method is available starting today for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5, S7, and S7 Edge. Upon installing the app, users can add their Citibank credit cards and American Express cards and use their phones to securely make payments across different retailers, whether it's through NFC or MST.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge Video Review: When Evolution Is Enough

Hey there everyone! My name is Mark. You might have seen me floating around here lately, so I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I make videos! I hope you like videos. If you’ve never seen any of my other content, go give it a look. I think you’ll find that we’ll get along just fine as long as we’re all nice to each other.

I’m a big gamer. I’ve been streaming a ton of Overwatch on Twitch. I’ve been playing The Division, Fallout, and replaying Final Fantasy X in HD with my wife at the moment, too.

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[Actually Quite Funny] Three New Samsung Galaxy S7 Commercials Starring Lil Wayne & Wesley Snipes Highlight Water Resistance & Gear VR

Samsung's marketing team has been hitting it out of the park recently with funny, memorable commercials highlighting the S7's many cool features. A couple of days ago, they posted three new commercials starring Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes, and I think they are pretty stellar. I could describe them for you, but I wouldn't wan't to spoil the surprise. Watch them for yourself.

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Hands On With The Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge+

Today, as we expected it would, Samsung announced two new phones: the Galaxy Note 5, and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ (what a name). We were at the event and spent a few brief moments with each of the devices, got some impressions, and took some photos. So naturally it's time to talk hands-on with the Note 5 and Edge+.

If there's a main takeaway from my time handling these two devices, it's that they were what I expected. That's not a bad thing, though - Samsung has carried over the interesting refreshed design language of the S6 and S6 Edge to the new phones - the Edge+ is curved on the front, and the Note 5 is curved on the back.

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Samsung Announces An Unpacked Event For NYC August 13th

After rumors that Samsung may be turning the clock ahead on the Galaxy Note 5, the manufacturer has distributed invitations to an Unpacked event in New York City on August 13th.

Samsung says "The next Galaxy is coming," which presumably does refer to the flagship phablet (and potentially the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus). If we do see the Note 5, the event will mark a departure from Samsung's usual announcement venue at IFA in Berlin.

Whatever happens, we'll be there to get a look at what Samsung unpacks. For those who aren't at the event, it will be live-streamed on the SamsungMobile YouTube channel starting at 11am Eastern.

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Galaxy Mega 2 Coming To AT&T October 24th For $474.99 Off-Contract, $149.99 With A Two-Year Commitment

There are big phones, and there are big phones. When the Galaxy Mega hit store shelves last year, it handedly qualified as a big phone. The handset was larger than the Note 3, and the latest iteration remains a device for folks who want something substantial without a massive price to match. AT&T has announced that the Mega 2 is coming to the carrier on October 24th for $474.99 outright, $149.99 with a two-year contract, $23.75 a month with Next 12, or $19.80 monthly with Next 18.


Throughout 2014, Android devices rolled out one after the other boasting how they were slightly larger than they were in 2013.

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