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Samsung's foldable Galaxy Z Flip could be yours for just $880 ($500 off)

Foldable phones and affordability don’t quite go hand in hand. For instance, the cheapest Samsung device to sport a flexible screen, the original Galaxy Z Flip, cost about $1400 at launch. That’s a lot of money! But if you'd still like to end calls by slamming the phone shut and flaunting your foldable, you can jump on this fantastic B&H deal that is straightaway striking $500 off the Galaxy Z Flip’s sky-high retail price.

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Galaxy Z Flip receives update to One UI 2.5 with some Note20 features

The Galaxy Z Flip hasn't enjoyed the same success as Samsung's other 2020 flagship phones, largely due to its high price and niche form factor, but it's definitely not being ignored by the company. In fact, the original LTE version (not the newer 5G variant) is now receiving the One UI 2.5 update alongside Samsung's other phones.

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Galaxy Z Flip 5G now available from Samsung, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Best Buy

Samsung released its first clamshell-style folding phone earlier this year, the Galaxy Z Flip. Although still a niche device, it seemed to capture the attention of buyers more than the original Galaxy Fold. Samsung announced last month that a slightly-upgraded 5G version was on the way, and now you can buy one from select carriers and retailers.

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Pixel 4a is the latest Android phone to support Netflix HD, HDR10 streaming

We live in the year 2020 and Netflix still feels the need to list which Android phones, tablets, and associated silicon can support streaming shows in HD and in HDR10. The company is usually slow to update that list, but even so, if you're wondering if your newly-purchased slab can take on all the resolution you need to watch "Stranger Things" again, we've got the list for you. The latest (predictable) addition on it is the new Pixel 4a.

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More Samsung Galaxy flagships are already getting May's security update

As a long-term Samsung user, I've witnessed first-hand the Hollywood-style comeback Samsung has made in terms of how its phones get updates. Gone are the days of waiting almost a year for significant version changes, or being several months behind on security patches. Not only have Samsung devices been receiving updates faster than ever before, in some cases, Samsung has even beaten Google to the punch. It's now done so again, with Samsung starting its rollout of May's security patch for the S20 series.

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Galaxy Z Flip review, two months later: The right phone at the wrong time

The progress we've made with folding phones in just the last year is stunning. We went from teasing the concept behind a glass box to several shipping products in just about no time, culminating almost precisely one year later in this: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It's a folding vision from the future, loaded with flaws and bent like a scythe in preparation of the Flat Phone Reaping. Even if you don't buy the Z Flip (and you shouldn't), your current phone's days are numbered.

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Hole-punch battery indicator comes to Galaxy A series and Z Flip with Energy Ring

Ever since the Galaxy S10 line came out rocking a hole-punch camera, inventive developers have taken it upon themselves to put the unsightly cutout to several clever uses. While some silly wallpapers made you giggle by artistically hiding the hole-punch, others turned out to be functional with some actual use — like Energy Ring, which recently released an app to add a battery indicator around the Galaxy S20’s front camera. The app's developer is now porting the same feature to more Samsung phones, including the Galaxy Z Flip and a couple of Galaxy A models.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola Razr: What's different between these two clamshell foldables?

Following a decade of seeing black, rectangular glass slabs grow in size while swapping their backs between metal and glass, foldables are taking over to become the face of phone fetish. The nostalgia-invoking Motorola Razr went on sale not too long ago and was closely followed by Samsung’s clamshell Galaxy Z Flip. With the two foldables officially out now, it’s time to revisit this comparison to find out which one deserves your dough.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is back in stock at Samsung's site


Samsung restocking Galaxy Z Flip, launching S20 presales on February 21

Samsung is on production overdrive right now as it aims to meet demand for the Galaxy Z Flip while also launching its flagship Galaxy S20 series. Turns out, the company is going full throttle on everything tomorrow.

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