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[Deal Alert] Samsung's oversized Galaxy View tablet is on sale for $349.99

Do you want an excessively large tablet? No? Well if you and more people did, maybe the Samsung Galaxy View would have sold better. Instead, we've watched the tablet steadily drop down from its original price point of $599.99. Today you can get the device on sale for nearly half the cost at $349.99.

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Samsung's Ludicrously Huge Galaxy View Tablet Now Available From Verizon

So, do you remember the Samsung Galaxy View mega-tablet? It came out a few months ago in WiFi-only form, and the price dropped almost immediately because most people don't want a tablet that big. Now, Verizon is selling an LTE-enabled version that's more expensive. This is innovation.

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Samsung's 18.4-Inch Galaxy View Tablet Drops Further In Price, Now Costs $449

You could think of the Galaxy View as an Android-powered all-in-one computer that isn't tethered to a wall. The 18.4-inch tablet is so much larger than the competition that early images showed it being carried around like a briefcase. It launched at $599.99, but after only two weeks of availability, Samsung dropped the price by $100.

Now the number is dipping down again.

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Samsung Releases Bizarre 'S Console Gamepad' For Samsung Phones To Control Games On The Galaxy View

Samsung's Galaxy View is a weird device, but Samsung isn't giving up on the jumbo tablet just because no one knows what the hell to do with it. Okay, how about this: you can play games on it with the aid of a gamepad app on your phone. Cool? Oh, but the app only works on Samsung phones. Meet the S Console Gamepad app.

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Samsung Drops Galaxy View Price By $100 After Just 2 Weeks (Now $499.99 Everywhere)

The Galaxy View is a device only Samsung would make. Not because it's a bad idea necessarily, but because it's a really niche product that no other OEMs really have a hope of pulling off. It turns out that maybe even Samsung is going to have trouble selling a huge 18.4-inch tablet with a built-in handle. After 2 weeks on virtual shelves, The Galaxy View is getting a $100 price drop.

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Samsung Galaxy View 18.4" Tablet With LTE Now At AT&T For $30 A Month Or $500 With A Two-Year Contract

There will be at least two ways you can part with $600 on a single Android tablet this holiday season. You can pick up the upcoming Pixel C along with a keyboard attachment, or you can get the Galaxy View from Samsung. Buyers going the latter route should be aware that this thing takes the mobile computer label very seriously. At 18.4 inches, you've basically grabbed one of those failed Android all-in-one desktops and started carrying it around under your arm.

The decision to do so is your prerogative, and AT&T is now giving you the option to buy an LTE-equipped model, just as it promised.

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Samsung Continues To Support The Galaxy View With A Bluetooth Remote Control App

So far Samsung's plus-sized Galaxy View tablet has been given a custom CNN news app and a sort of bulletin board photo app, both of which are exclusive to the device. But Samsung isn't finished yet. Today they published a third app that, if not exclusive to the 18.4-inch tablet itself, is certainly meant to be used exclusively with it. It's a remote control app that lets you operate pretty much every input on the device via a Bluetooth-connected Android phone.

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AT&T Announces It Will Carry Samsung's Jumbo Galaxy View Tablet Starting On Friday, With Some Big Discounts For DirecTV Customers

Samsung tablets usually get picked up by at least one or two of the big American carriers, and so it goes with the enormous 18.4-inch Galaxy View. Today AT&T announced that it will begin selling an LTE-equipped version of the tablet starting on Friday, November 20th. It will cost you $600 outright, or $30 a month for 20 months on AT&T's installment plan, or $500 if you agree to a two year service contract. (Don't do that.) But wait, there's more: that AT&T-DirecTV acquisition is about to pay some serious dividends for customers of both companies.

If you're an existing AT&T customer but you don't have DirecTV, you can sign up for a new two-year TV service agreement and buy a Galaxy View for just $100.

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Samsung Publishes 'Family Square' Photo Bulletin Board App For The Galaxy View

The Galaxy View is Samsung's biggest tablet, and the company is positioning it as a sort of all-purpose, general-use device for an entire household rather than a conventional mobile device. To that end they've released another exclusive app for the 18.4-inch tablet, Family Square. According to the description in the Play Store, it's meant to be a digital bulletin board, allowing multiple users to post photos to the app which are then displayed on the screen.

image (3) image (2) image

The setup is... unique. Instead of simply pulling photos from Facebook or Google+ accounts, Family Square needs to connect to individual phones, presumably over the local Wi-Fi network.

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You Can Now Buy The $600 Galaxy View In The US From Samsung And Other Online Retailers

The Samsung Galaxy View is without a doubt a niche product, but for the right person, this giant 18.4" tablet could be a tempting buy. Granted, $600 is a lot of money, especially when it only manages to have a 1080p screen (and a rather meager 8 hours of battery life). Regardless, the Galaxy View is now available in the US direct from Samsung or via Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H.

Ordering from Samsung does allow you to also buy an extended warranty plan with accidental damage protection at the time of purchase, at $89.99 for two years or $159.99 for three.

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