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Samsung's Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is just $120 ($30 off) right now

Samsung's line of Galaxy A tablets aren't anything special, but they are cheap Android devices with full access to the Google Play Store. That makes them a tantalizing alternative to Amazon Fire tablets, which require workarounds to install the Play Store, and still have weird software quirks to deal with. Now you can get last year's Galaxy Tab A 8.0 for just $119.99, a savings of $30 over the original MSRP.

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Samsung's Galaxy Tab S7 could ditch AMOLED in favor of LCD

At next week's Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event, Samsung is expected to take the wraps off a total of five devices, which includes its new flagship tablet range. The Galaxy Tab S7 for 2020 is rumored to be accompanied by a bigger Plus model, and we’ve already heard a lot about the two. But the latest WinFuture report gives away nearly everything about the two slates. What’s most surprising here is that Samsung looks set to downgrade the standard model’s screen by using LCD technology instead of keeping the AMOLED from last year.

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This is what the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 might look like

Samsung’s current flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S6, is soon turning one year old, and we could expect to see its follow-up confirmed any time in the next couple of months. But before that happens, the customary leaks and rumors have already started flowing in, giving away quite a bit about the upcoming slate. A fresh leak shares some detailed renders of the alleged Tab S7, giving us a good idea of how its design is going to be.

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128GB Galaxy Tab S5e drops to new low of $400 ($80 off)

Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S5e last year, filling a niche that Samsung seemingly made for itself. Despite that, it's reviewed extremely well with users, and maintains the quality and build we all expect of Samsung by now. If you're in the market for a tablet, the company has made a major MSRP cut for the 128GB version.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite coming to the US this quarter starting at $350

Samsung's tablet lineup is almost as convoluted as its smartphone strategy. The Galaxy Tab S6 is at the top, with the budget Tab S5e dropping pen support and going with a cheaper processor, but leaks for a new Tab S6 Lite started popping up last month. Now the tablet is official, though pricing and availability details are still unknown.

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Samsung's Galaxy Tab Active Pro is a rugged Android tablet coming to U.S. job sites

If everyday life can be hard on your beloved Android handsets, forcing them to survive on a job site is downright torture. To give work-assigned devices a fighting chance here in the States, Samsung is bringing its ruggedized Galaxy Tab Active Pro to the U.S. workforce.

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256GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 down to just $430 ($300 off) at Best Buy

If you're on the market for a good Android tablet, Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6, which is probably one of the best ones around, is currently down to just $430 at Best Buy. This is a significant markdown for a product that was just released, as it's $300 less than the MSRP.

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Galaxy Tab S5e now available from Verizon

Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S5e earlier this year, as a slightly-cheaper alternative to the flagship Tab S lineup. It still has a 2560x1600 AMOLED screen and a thin lightweight design, but with a mid-range Snapdragon 670 processor instead of an 800-series chip. If you're interested in getting one, it's now available from one more place: Verizon.

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[Update: Official renders leak] The Galaxy Tab S6 will be Samsung's next iPad fighter, first photos reveal

Samsung is one of the only Android manufacturers left that make serious Android tablets with serious Android software — iPads basically own the higher-end market. While it's not certain if the latest iteration of the Galaxy Tab is going to make a dent in Apple's share, the upcoming Galaxy Tab S6 could at least shape up to be a great alternative for Android fans not willing to touch an iPad, according to a SamMobile leak.

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Samsung's Galaxy Tab S4 is down to $498 on Amazon ($152 off)

Most Android tablets on the market are either average at best or overpriced. Although the Galaxy Tab S4 might be one of the top contenders around, its initial MSRP was relatively steep, at $650 for the 64GB variant or $750 for the 128GB version. However, thanks to a deal on Amazon, you can save $152 on both versions, making the tablet a much more interesting bargain. Both storage options are on sale, down to $498 and $598, which is among the lowest prices they've been.

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