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Samsung shares Galaxy Tab S7 pre-order details, including 50% off keyboard cases

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ just about a month ago, its latest super-premium tablets for entertainment and productivity. With some high-refresh-rate screens and a new low-latency S Pen, there was a lot to like, leaving us wondering how shoppers would actually be able to get their hands on one. Today Samsung's finally sharing all the information you'll need about Tab S7 pre-orders.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ hands-on: Android's never had a tablet this good

Android tablets have always been a bit awkward, as products. With the platform lacking the huge ecosystem of tablet-optimized apps that the iPad enjoys, or the large desktop legacy world you can access on something like a Surface Pro, many have asked the question "Why?" when it comes to an Android-powered slate. Perhaps it's not really one worth asking, though, when a company as large as Samsung is bothering to introduce an $850 tablet at all. With the Tab S7 and S7+, Samsung is bringing a capital-P "Premium" tablet hardware experience, and we've spent the last few days using the latter.

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The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are official, still the only premium Android tablet game in town

In a world where tablet-sized phones fold up to fit in our pockets, it's fascinating to see companies like Samsung not just continue to stand by the classic tablet form factor, but to continue to innovate in terms of features and performance. Last year brought us the powerhouse Galaxy Tab S6, followed just a few months ago by the more affordable Tab S6 Lite. Following a summer packed full of leaks, Samsung is finally announcing its next generation of Android tablets, the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+.

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Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ specifications appear in Google Play Console

There has been a slow drip of information about Samsung's upcoming flagship Android tablets, the Tab S7 and S7+. Earlier this month, reported specifications for the tablets were published by SamMobile, and now we have confirmation of the hardware from none other than Google.

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Samsung's Galaxy Tab S7 could ditch AMOLED in favor of LCD

At next week's Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event, Samsung is expected to take the wraps off a total of five devices, which includes its new flagship tablet range. The Galaxy Tab S7 for 2020 is rumored to be accompanied by a bigger Plus model, and we’ve already heard a lot about the two. But the latest WinFuture report gives away nearly everything about the two slates. What’s most surprising here is that Samsung looks set to downgrade the standard model’s screen by using LCD technology instead of keeping the AMOLED from last year.

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Galaxy Tab S7+ leak reveals the specs of Samsung's iPad Pro competitor

Samsung remains the sole Android manufacturer really trying to take on the iPad these days, and it looks like the company is not lowering the effort it's putting into its Tab S series. After we've already seen first renders of the Galaxy Tab S7+ and got some details on a 12.4-inch screen and the dimensions, SamMobile now provides an almost complete overview of the rest of the tablet's hardware specifications.

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