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[Deal Alert] Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ just $575 and $675 at Groupon ($150 off)

If there is one thing about flagships that is certain: give it enough time, and the prices will fall. The Galaxy S8 series may have started out at $750-$850, but today over at Groupon you can pick one up for just $575-$675. That's $175 off the launch price and $150 off the price at most other retailers. 

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[Deal Alert] Here are some of the best phones, Chromebooks, and tablets on sale for Prime Day

The 30-hour event known as Prime Day has officially kicked off, and we have a list of ten Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks that will be included at different times during the sale. For the uninitiated, the sales on Prime Day are staggered, the better to consistently pull your attention throughout the day. So most of the items that will be included haven't yet gone on sale. But, worry not, as with this list you'll be prepared.

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[Deal Alert] eBay has the dual-SIM Galaxy S8 (G950FD) and S8+ (G955FD) for $579.99 and $665.99

The prices for the unlocked dual-SIM Galaxy S8 and S8+ just keep dropping. It was only a few weeks ago that we brought you the news that you could grab one of Samsung's latest for $599.99 and $689.99, respectively. The same seller from that Deal Alert is back again, this time with even lower prices for both phones. You can get the S8 for $579.99 ($145 off) or the larger S8+ for $665.99 ($159 off).

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[Update: Coming soon] Daydream VR support arrives on the Galaxy S8 and S8+, or so T-Mobile says

Back in May, Google announced that Daydream would be coming to the Galaxy S8 this summer. Well, it's summer, and Daydream support has indeed arrived with the latest T-Mobile update - at least, according to their support page changelogs. Whether or not the Galaxy S8 actually supports Daydream as of right now is another question.

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Samsung is blocking Bixby remapping apps for the Galaxy S8 again, starting with the recent T-Mobile update

Ever since the Galaxy S8 came out, Samsung has been trying to push Bixby onto owners. Given how Bixby isn't any more useful than Google Feed or Google Assistant, how the English voice assistant still isn't out, and how the button is unable to be disabled, many have turned to remapping apps. Samsung already attempted to block these apps once, but clever developers found a way around that pretty quickly. Now, starting with yesterday's T-Mobile update, Samsung has blocked Bixby remapping apps yet again.

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Latest T-Mobile Galaxy S8 and S8+ update allows nav bar to be hidden, loses black fill option

One of the Galaxy S8's highlights is its extremely long 18.5:9 AMOLED display. It allows for more content while reading, as well as easier multitasking. However, the software keys on the bottom can cannibalize a bit of that screen real estate. Samsung's solution? Add a little button on the side of the screen that allows users to hide them at the touch of a button. Unfortunately, this feature addition also takes something that I never thought of as a feature: the black nav bar.

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Samsung expects highest quarterly earnings ever for Q2 2017

The last year has been rocky for Samsung with the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 and various legal woes in its native South Korea. And yet, the company has issued Q2 earnings guidance today that points to its highest profits ever. So, I guess people aren't holding any grudges after the Note 7 thing.

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Samsung isn't honoring its Galaxy S8 $200 trade-in discount for many, leaving customers frustrated

Samsung runs promotions on its phones pretty often. For the Galaxy S8 alone, we've already seen quite a few - a free Gear VR / an optional $99 bundle for pre-orders, a free "Entertainment Kit," and currently, a free $200 Visa card. However, while customers were recently guaranteed a $200 discount on the S8 in exchange for almost any phone in good condition that they sent Samsung's way as a trade-in, the company is having a hard time delivering on its promises to some.

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[Deal Alert] Dual SIM Galaxy S8 (G950FD) and S8+ (G955FD) on sale for $599.99 and $689.99 on eBay

The prices on the dual-SIM variants of both the Samsung S8 and the S8+ have been steadily dropping over the past few weeks on eBay, first to $670 and $770 and then to $640 and $728, respectively. Now, the same seller has brought down the price on either model by another $40, putting the S8 at a penny under 600 bucks, and the S8+ at just $689.99 — representing a total savings of around $150 compared to what you would find if you tried to buy the same phones elsewhere.

This seller has a pretty solid track record, with a 99.7% positive feedback rating and a top rated certificate from eBay, so there shouldn't be much reason to be concerned about where you're buying from.

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[Deal Alert] Get a free $200 Best Buy gift card with the purchase of an unlocked Galaxy S8 or S8+

The Galaxy S8 is a phone with very few flaws - it has a class-leading display, the newest chipset on the market, a great camera, water resistance, wireless charging, and more. However, it's quite expensive, leading many to go for a more affordable device. We've been seeing some sales on the S8 and S8+ lately, and this is one of the best: a free $200 gift card from Best Buy with the purchase of an unlocked Galaxy S8 or S8+.

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