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VentureBeat posts first live photo of the Galaxy S8, claims massive 5.8" and 6.2" displays, March 29th announcement

VentureBeat has just posted what is believed to be the first photo of a real, live Galaxy S8. Two of them, in fact. Samsung's unreleased smartphones have seen rumors hit a fever pitch in recent weeks, and these photos confirm a number of key details about the devices, which are expected to launch to retail some time in April.

Blass's photo would seem to confirm our own suspicions that the fingerprint scanner has been moved to be adjacent to the camera module, an odd location to be sure, but there's no doubting what that thing off to the right is. We also see a USB Type-C port (I know, it looks a bit uneven, that's just camera distortion), 3.5mm headphone jack, and a bottom-firing speaker.

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The Guardian drops Galaxy S8 details: Near bezel-less display, rear fingerprint scanner, desktop OS mode

The Guardian has published one of the most detailed leaks of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 yet, and knowing that you're tired of parsing through a million articles on this phone, let me break down the major news into bullet points.

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Report: LG G6 won't have Snapdragon 835 because Samsung has claimed the entire initial supply

The LG G6 is the company's chance to come back from the embarrassing disaster of 2016's G5 and "friends." Those modular friends never caught on, but will the G6's rounded display? Maybe—the Galaxy S8 is rumored to sport a similar shape, but one thing the two phones might not share is the ARM chip. According to a new report on Forbes, the LG G6 will run a Snapdragon 821 instead of the 835.

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Image of unclear provenance shows Galaxy S8 panels with shockingly minimal bezel, rounded display corners

An image published on the Twitter handle @dfordesign appears to show what are two display covers for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphones. The tweet, in Polish, was actually sent out two days ago, but it just now appears to be getting picked up by a small number of blogs. The tweet and subsequent replies from the author do not offer any kind of context for the source of the image, unfortunately.

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Report says Samsung will ditch the physical home button for the Galaxy S8

We're starting to hear a few Galaxy S8 rumors well ahead of the usual Mobile World Congress-ish reveal for Samsung's flagship series (usually around late February or March). That may or may not have something to do with the phenomenal failure of the Galaxy Note 7, after which Samsung must be scrambling to shift potential customers' attention elsewhere. So we're treated with two somewhat credible pieces of Galaxy S8 info in a single week: one that Samsung will drop the headphone jack, and another that the company will finally release its deathgrip on physical home buttons.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 rumored to drop the headphone jack [Update]

There are some hardware advances that make sense—moving to the USB Type-C standard, for example. It's a pain at first, but the benefits are clear. Removing the headphone jack, however, seems dumb at this juncture. Still, SamMobile says that Samsung is planning to drop this port in the upcoming Galaxy S8. Boo.

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Samsung's Galaxy S8 will reportedly come in two large sizes, including a bezel-less 6.2-inch "plus" variant

Out of all of the Galaxy S7-series phones that I've seen, the majority of them have been the smaller, 5.1-inch model. That's odd, considering the fact that the S7 edge outsells the S7, but it's entirely understandable why people would choose the S7 over the edge model; it's easier to hold, less prone to accidental screen touches, more durable, and less expensive.

With those things in mind, have a look at this: according to VentureBeat's Evan Blass and The Bell, a Korean publication, the Galaxy S8 will come in two phablet-sized, dual-edged variants, and the larger of the two will feature an enormous edge-to-edge display.

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