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Unlocked Galaxy S8/S8+ now available in the United States

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are pretty fantastic phones, but until now, they were only available to purchase from a carrier if you were in the United States. Pre-orders for the unlocked models started earlier this month, but now you can buy them from a variety of retailers.

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[Deal Alert] New unlocked dual SIM international Exynos Galaxy S8 (G950FD) and S8+ (G955FD) on eBay for $670 and $770

Samsung's latest flagship may be new, but it is quickly becoming affordable. And if you happen to be in the market for an unlocked dual SIM international model, then you are in luck. Today over at eBay you can pick up both the Galaxy S8 (G950FD) and Galaxy S8+ (G955FD) for a pretty great deal, at $670 and $770, respectively. In addition to being unlocked international phones, they are also using Exynos chipsets, if that happens to appeal to you. Color choices for the phones are gold, black, and gray.

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The Galaxy S8 Active has been leaked by the Wireless Power Consortium

The Wireless Power Consortium was formed in 2008, to promote the Qi wireless charging technology in consumer products. It looks like someone at the WPC has messed up, as the unannounced Galaxy S8 Active has appeared on the site.

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Members of the Chaos Computer Club have cracked the Galaxy S8's Iris scanner

The ability to unlock a device with your face is nothing new - Android had it back in 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But recently, we've seen more complex eye unlocking technology crop up on consumer electronics, such as Windows Hello. The Galaxy Note7 and S8 included something similar, called the Iris Scanner.

Members of the Chaos Computer Club, Europe's largest association of hackers, claim they have broken the security of the S8's Iris scanner.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung now offering a Galaxy S8 BOGO deal on T-Mobile better than T-Mobile's own deal

By all accounts, Samsung is having no problem selling the Galaxy S8. Still, Samsung and its carrier partners are offering a number of impressive discounts on this device, including the T-Mobile BOGO we told you about a few weeks ago. Now, Samsung has a better T-Mobile BOGO deal if you buy the phones directly from it. Not only is it faster, you get more free stuff.

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The ROLI NOISE sound production app is now in early access for Android

ROLI's modular BLOCKS studio has gained popularity recently, as a way to easily create music. Taps and gestures on the BLOCKS turn into musical rhythms when paired to the iOS 'NOISE' app. Now ROLI is making the NOISE app available for Android as well, but it has some limitations.

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Daydream comes to the Galaxy S8 this summer, a future LG phone later this year

Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 with support for the Gear VR (obviously), but Google's VR platform got the cold shoulder. The GS8 could have had both if Samsung wanted, and Samsung and Google have apparently come to an understanding. Yes, Daydream is coming to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 on sale for $689.99 via eBay

The Galaxy S8 just launched a few weeks ago, so the discounts are nothing like you see with phones that are months old. Still, there are some deals to be had on the GS8, including this one on eBay. For $689.99, you can have the unlocked international GS8 (G950F). That's about $100 cheaper than most retailers.

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[Deal Alert] Get an Exynos-powered dual SIM Galaxy S8+ for $804.99 (no tax except in CA/FL)

Here in the States, we get the Snapdragon 835 chip and a single nanoSIM slot in our Galaxy S8 smartphones. But should you want the more mod-friendly Exynos 8895 chipset (ironic) and/or an extra SIM slot, a little site called eBay can help you out. A newer but reputable seller has the SM-G955FD variant of the Galaxy S8+ for $804.99, with no tax in most states.

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Verizon Galaxy S8 and S8+ are getting their red tint-fixing display calibration updates

The Galaxy S8 has had a relatively trouble-free launch thus far, with the one real quality issue being with displays. Some units are coming from the factory with a red tint on their displays, worsening the incredible experience that the AMOLED Infinity Display should bring. This fix (which basically allows for further calibration) first began rolling out in Korea near the end of April, but it's since hit AT&T and T-Mobile devices. Verizon is the latest US carrier to roll it out.

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