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[Deal Alert] Galaxy S8 for $525 or S8+ for $625 when you trade in your old phone

You might have one or two (or more) phones sitting unused in a desk drawer or in a closet. Maybe your iPhone 3G or Droid 3 hasn't seen the light of day for a few years. If that's the case, and you've been eyeing a Galaxy S8, Samsung has just the deal for you.

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Samsung's Bixby Early Access program lets you try voice commands in the US

One of the more controversial features of the Galaxy S8 is Samsung's 'Bixby' assistant, which has a dedicated button to activate it. But Bixby isn't very helpful, partially due to Samsung delaying English voice command support. But if you're in the United States and have an S8, you can sign up for Samsung's new Bixby Early Access program to try out voice commands.

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T-Mobile has two new buy one get one free deals for the LG G6, V20, Samsung Galaxy S8, and S8+

T-Mobile is eager to get a head-start on Father's Day sales. In a new promo, the magenta carrier is allowing both new and existing customers to pick up a 2nd Galaxy S8,  S8+, V20 or LG G6 for free with the purchase of their first one. There are terms and conditions associated with the deal, and the cost of the 2nd phone is reimbursed via a mail-in rebate, but it's not a bad offer if you've been looking to pick up a pair of the devices. 

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[Update: Back in stock] US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 $599 and Galaxy S8+ $699 on eBay

If you've been disappointed seeing all the international and dual-sim deals for the Galaxy S8/+ while the US unlocked models remain ignored, the day of reckoning has finally come. Now you can pick up the Galaxy S8 SM-G950U and S8+ SM-G955U on eBay for a pretty decent discount, at $599.99 and $699.99 respectively. If the S7 is any indicator, updates on the US unlocked models might be a bit late to arrive, but this is a good deal for Samsung's recent pair of flagships.

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[Update: Now $116] Deal Alert: Samsung's Galaxy S8 DeX dock is $134.55 ($15 off) at Amazon

With the launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung became the latest tech company to try turning a smartphone into a computer with a special dock. It's not a crazy idea given how powerful our mobile devices have become, but the implementation has never been quite right. By all accounts, Samsung has come the closest yet to a usable solution with its DeX docking station, compatible with the Galaxy S8 or S8+. It would usually set you back $150, but Amazon is currently knocking more than $15 off that retail price.

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[Deal Alert] Dual SIM Galaxy S8 and S8+ on sale for $639.99 and $727.99 via eBay

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have been out for a few months, so the sales are really starting to make a dent in the price tag. Today, the dual SIM variants are available on eBay for the lowest price we've see yet. The S8 is $640 and the S8+ is $728. Those are both more than $100 cheaper than the standard carrier variants.

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Sprint and T-Mobile Galaxy S8 and S8+ receiving updates that bring the May patch, an updated Bixby app, and improved SD card stability

Samsung may not have the best reputation for keeping all of its phones on the latest OS versions, but it's usually pretty good with its latest flagships. Case in point: an update with the May security patch, as well as improvements to Bixby (no, it's not Bixby Voice) and microSD card stability, is being pushed to the T-Mobile variants of the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Sprint models are also receiving an update, and we'd expect it to contain the same things.

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WSJ: Samsung's English-language Bixby rollout delayed because English is hard

Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 several months ago without the promised voice Bixby voice control. It said at the time the feature would be launched soon, but so far only the Korean-language version has rolled out. The company imposed a deadline of "spring" for the English launch, but the WSJ says we're still at least a few weeks away from release.

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Unlocked Galaxy S8/S8+ now available in the United States

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are pretty fantastic phones, but until now, they were only available to purchase from a carrier if you were in the United States. Pre-orders for the unlocked models started earlier this month, but now you can buy them from a variety of retailers.

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[Deal Alert] New unlocked dual SIM international Exynos Galaxy S8 (G950FD) and S8+ (G955FD) on eBay for $670 and $770

Samsung's latest flagship may be new, but it is quickly becoming affordable. And if you happen to be in the market for an unlocked dual SIM international model, then you are in luck. Today over at eBay you can pick up both the Galaxy S8 (G950FD) and Galaxy S8+ (G955FD) for a pretty great deal, at $670 and $770, respectively. In addition to being unlocked international phones, they are also using Exynos chipsets, if that happens to appeal to you. Color choices for the phones are gold, black, and gray.

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