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Galaxy Note Edge And S5 Sport On Sprint Receive Marshmallow OTA Updates

The Sprint Galaxy Note 5 got Android 6.0 a month ago. Now it's the Note Edge's turn. The carrier has announced an over-the-air update delivering Marshmallow, security patches from Google and Samsung, and bug fixes. The OTA is going out as version number N915PVPU4DPD.

That large, curved device is not alone.

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Sprint Galaxy S5 Gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA Update

Sprint is now pushing out Marshmallow to the Galaxy S5, Samsung's flagship phone from 2014. This marks the third major version of Android to run on the phone, following Lollipop (though not 5.1) and KitKat before that.

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Sprint Announces Galaxy S5 Sport Android Lollipop OTA Software Update


Sprint Adds Small Updates To The Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S5 Sport, And Galaxy Tab 4

If you have one of three Samsung devices on Sprint, you might just have an over-the-air update waiting for you in your Settings menu. But don't get too excited: not a one of them brings a new version of Android, or even more than one or two new visible features. The Galaxy S III and Galaxy S5 Sport (AKA the S5 Active) phones and the Galaxy Tab 4 (the 7-inch version) all have tiny additions to their software going out today.


The Galaxy S III has been on the market for over two years, so it's the device with the most previous software updates.

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Sprint Announces The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, Just The GS5 Active By A Different Name

If you want an Galaxy S5 Active, your only choice is AT&T. Meanwhile, the newly announced Galaxy S5 Sport is a Sprint exclusive. Of course, these are pretty much the same phone with tiny aesthetic differences. Sprint is really pushing the fitness angle, though.

content_gs5sport_redphone content_gs5sport_bluephone

The GS5 Sport has the same trio of physical buttons on the front as the Active, and the specs are the same. You can get the gist simply by reading up on the Active, and pretending it says "Sport." It's IP67 rated for water and dust resistance, and it's got a beefier, more textured casing than the regular GS5.

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