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Android Marshmallow also comes to the AT&T Galaxy S5 Active

Actively watching Nougat roll out to Nexus owners this week? Most Android devices don't have a shot at getting an update to the latest and greatest. Some, like the Galaxy S5 Active, are only just now getting an update to last year's version.

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AT&T Galaxy S5 Active Goes From Android 5.0 To 5.1.1


AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Active And Galaxy Alpha Get Lollipop OTA Updates Starting Today

The nice thing about Samsung's product line is that it's so wide, they're bound to have at least one phone you like. Take AT&T's Samsung offerings for example: in addition to the usual Galaxy flagships, they have smaller versions, bigger versions, cheaper versions, and even Galaxy phones with gigantic camera zooms strapped to the back. Today two of those variants get upgraded to Lollipop: the tough-as-nails Galaxy S5 Active and the svelte Galaxy Alpha.

The incoming build for the S5 Active is LRX21T.G870AUCU1BOC5, and while it's technically an "over the air" update, AT&T probably won't send the 1.4GB update to your phone unless that air includes a Wi-Fi connection.

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[Not Lollipop] Samsung Galaxy S5 Active On AT&T Gets An Update To Android 4.4.4

So, the regular Galaxy S5 is finally starting to get an update to Android 5.0, and what's this? The GS5 Active on AT&T is getting an update. Could it be? Is this the moment we've been waiting for? Oh... nope. It's just Android 4.4.4.


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Samsung OTA Update For The AT&T Galaxy S5 Active Adds... Well, Not Much

Those of you with a tough-as-nails Galaxy S5 Active for AT&T are probably wondering when your phones will be updated to Android 4.4.4. And you can keep on wondering, because the latest over-the-air update from Samsung keeps the phone on the same 4.4.2 build it had when it was released three months ago. But it does add... uh, some user interface changes in the default email app? Roll out the barrels!

Here's the full list of changes from Samsung's support page.

  • Visual Voice Mail (VVM) enhancements
  • Security updates and patches
  • Application installation enhancements
  • Accidental emergency dial fixed on the lock screen
  • Several lower layer modem crashes and sluggishness improvement enhancements
  • E-mail UX enhancements
  • Re-activation lock improvements

To be fair, those issues with the emergency dial and modem crashes sound like they could seriously annoy at least some users.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Breaks Cover, Takes Center Stage In Video Demos

Even though Samsung went out of tis way to make the Galaxy S5 water and dust resistant, it seems to think there is still a place for an "Active" variant this time around. The device has shown up in a few videos and it seems to be destined for AT&T in the US.

Just like last year's GS4 Active, this one has physical buttons on the front in place of the capacitive/physical array on Samsung's regular devices. The bezel is really beefy, so this is either a pre-production stealth case to hide the shape, or this year's Active will actually be marketed as a truly rugged phone.

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