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The Galaxy S20 family is insanely expensive—here are our first impressions

The $1000 smartphone is no longer cause for sticker shock: meet the $1400 smartphone, your new "wow" benchmark. That's the price of Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra, the range-topping superphone Samsung hopes will one-up Apple in the ongoing battle for Crazy Expensive Phone dominance.

Samsung's other two S20s, the S20 and S20+, aren't cheap, either: the S20 will be $1000, and the S20+ comes in at a still-pretty-eye-watering $1200. Everything about these phones is super-sized: the prices, the rear camera clusters, the 5G support (more on that in a minute), the batteries, and really, the phones themselves. Let's start with that, shall we?

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Galaxy S20 is official with three variants, 5G across the board, and $1,000+ price tags

Samsung used to introduce its Galaxy S flagship series during MWC, but it has long since moved the unveiling to a separate event prior to the trade show. After months of leaks and a very revealing Galaxy Z Flip ad during the Oscars, Samsung has finally taken the wraps off its Galaxy S20 series consisting of the Galaxy S20, the S20+, and the S20 Ultra. Yes, the company is skipping S11 through S19 to pull even with the current year, which could make it easier to remember when which series was released in the future.

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Watch the Galaxy S20 unveiling at Samsung Unpacked right here

Samsung's much-awaited Unpacked 2020 event is only a couple of hours away. Even though we already know a lot about the upcoming Galaxy S20 family and Galaxy Buds+, there is still a lot we're not sure about, like whether or not the clamshell Z Flip will just make a brief appearance or if we'll have a real launch date, price, and more specific details about it.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra flaunts its massive camera bump in first real-world photos (Update: More pics and official video)

Last year, all smartphone manufacturers got into a single room and elected a unified rear-facing camera design for smartphones: a rectangular bump on the top left. That's the only logical explanation for the slew of similar-looking devices we've seen in recent months, be it the iPhone 11, Pixel 4, Galaxy Note10 and S10 Lite, or others. We've known for a while that Samsung's upcoming flagships will follow the same trend and now we're getting further proof thanks to real-life images of the S20 Ultra and S20+.

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Weekend poll: Have you already decided to get a Galaxy S20?

I'd hesitate to say we already know everything about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S20 series since it's always possible to be surprised, but potential unknowns are few and far between. Thanks to extensive and continuous leaks, most of us not living under a rock know what to expect from Samsung's upcoming flagships — at least in terms of hardware and design. Those details never tell the full story when it comes to a phone, but we're curious to know if you've already made a purchasing decision based on leaks alone.

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Galaxy S20 briefly appears on Samsung's site ahead of next week's Unpacked event

Rumors and leaks abound about Samsung's upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S20. This week, we got one straight from the horse's mouth: a case for the S20 was briefly listed on Samsung's German site, pictured with the phone inside. The goof comes just days before the phone's official announcement.

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The Galaxy S20 will be released on March 6th, reservations now live on Samsung's site

Galaxy S20 leaks have flowed like water in the last month, but this time it's Samsung that's scooping Samsung. The company has a registration page live that allows you to "reserve the new Galaxy phone" — clearly the upcoming Galaxy — S20, and promising a March 6th delivery date.

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Samsung Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra pre-orders will reportedly come with free Galaxy Buds+

As we're getting closer to the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup, more details are continuing to leak regarding the upcoming handset. After seeing renders of the phone's official covers, new information reveals early buyers should get a free pair of Galaxy Buds+ when pre-ordering the phone.

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Official Samsung Galaxy S20 cases leak, showing LED, rugged, and see-through covers

Samsung is due to unveil its newest flagships in just a couple of weeks during its Unpack event; and even though we already know quite a bit about the upcoming S20 lineup, we didn't have a lot of details regarding its accessories. Thankfully, new leaks reveal more information about the phone's official cases.

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Leaked Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G press renders confirm massive camera module with '100x Space Zoom'

We're just a few weeks out from Samsung's next big unveiling, but there's not much left to unveil. It's too late—we've seen everything. After a few rounds of CAD-based renders, we now have official press renders of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. This phone will have top-of-the-line hardware, including a periscope camera with Space Zoom.

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