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Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Note20 Ultra: What did Samsung learn from its last 'Ultra' phone?

Samsung's Note20 Ultra is here, and as its name suggests, it shares quite a lot in common with the recent Galaxy S20 Ultra, and that includes a sky-high price tag. So, what did Samsung learn from the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and which should you get?

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The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S20 is getting the August security patch

Samsung has just started rolling out the August security patches to its Exynos-equipped international models, but the company isn't thinking about slowing down. Today, it has released the latest security updates to unlocked US models, as SamMobile reports. T-Mobile also jumped on board and has started rolling out the patches to its S20 models.

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The AT&T Galaxy Note9 is receiving the July security patch

Shortly after the Galaxy S20 series started receiving the July security patch in Korea and Europe, all kinds of unlocked US Galaxy phones started receiving it, too, as 9to5Google and Redditors reported. And now, the update is also available on the Galaxy Note9 on AT&T.

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5 great utilities to make the most of your Galaxy S20

Samsung phones are packed with features on the software and hardware front, and figuring it all out can be daunting. As well as the extras that Samsung includes officially, the specialized hardware and software in its phones allow third-party developers to come up with inventive new apps and add-ons for Galaxy products. There are plenty of apps that take advantage of these extra abilities, so let's focus on five of the best.

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How to make your Samsung Galaxy smartphone feel more like a Pixel

I personally love Samsung's One UI, but not everybody wants their Samsung smartphone to feel quite so Samsung. Getting your phone to feel a little more Google and a little less Galaxy is fortunately quite straightforward, both thanks to Android itself and some of the inherent customization features found in One UI itself. In this guide, we'll show you how to make your Galaxy phone look and feel a bit more Pixel-y. I'll be using my S20 Ultra for this demonstration, but these steps can be used on any Samsung device running One UI 2.0.

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 will support electronic IDs later this year

Samsung is working on making online identity verification easier by creating a framework that lets you store your ID securely on the Galaxy S20's embedded secure element (eSE) chip. The API will be available later this year, and is deemed safe enough by German and European authorities — the country will be among the first to let citizens store their IDs on the Galaxy S20 and use the eIDs to identify themselves online.

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Get an open-box Verizon Galaxy S20 Ultra for only $980 ($420 off) from eBay

Calling the S20 Ultra a troubled device is an understatement. A lackluster camera and underwhelming design coupled with a ridiculously high price tag made it a hard phone to recommend. Despite those flaws, I really like my S20 Ultra, which I've had since launch. The build quality is incredible, and the display and battery life are, in my opinion, unparalleled. eBay is currently selling this phone open-box for $980, which still makes this an expensive smartphone. But if you're already eyeing the Ultra, a $420 discount is something you can't miss.

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10 One UI productivity features you should be using on your Galaxy S20

Every year there seem to be plenty of articles discussing how to make your new Samsung phone feel like a Pixel. I even wrote one, for those of you who do want a Pixel-like experience. I don't necessarily think it's a good idea, however — if you want your phone to be like a Pixel, you should've bought a Pixel in the first place. It also gives the impression that One UI is terrible, or at least worse than stock Android. While some might agree with that, I certainly don't. In my opinion, One UI is the best flavor of Android out there, and it has lots of features and tricks that deserve more attention.

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Samsung Good Lock updates bring new features to One Hand Operation +

Good Lock is one of my favorite parts of One UI, which is why I've droned on about it so many times. In short, Good Lock houses several modules that allow you to tweak your Samsung software experience, offering a degree of control that rival custom ROMs. Several of those modules just received new updates today, most of which are small bug fixes. However, One Hand Operation + got a more significant update, bringing some new features, as well.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 series updates with July patch now rolling out in Europe

Samsung used to be known for updating its devices notoriously late, but gradually, it has become one of the most active manufacturers when it comes to software and security patches, often even outpacing Google itself. As such, SamMobile reports that the company has already started rolling out the Android July security patch to its S20 series, beginning in Korea. The new release brings zoom and video stabilization improvements to the camera and sunsets Samsung's Android Auto competitor.

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