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[LOLWut] U.S. Retailer MobileFun Lists The Samsung Galaxy S4 Game Pad For $113

So, you want that Samsung Galaxy S4 gamepad, eh? Ready to shell out several dead presidents to make it happen? How about the tune of $113? Thought you might lose interest. Looks like US retailer MobileFun thinks that's what Samsung's gaming-on-the-go handset is worth, because it has the pre-order listed at just that.


Of course, it's pretty unlikely that will end up being the retail price. This is most likely a case of "let's go ahead and list this even though we've no clue how much it will really cost." The high price tag could be a deterrent to keep customers from ordering before they actually get the official pricing and launch date – or it could be a way of scraping the pockets of would-be customers who have too much money to spend and must have the Game Pad as soon as possible.

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Hands-On With The Galaxy S4 - A Minor Refresh Of The Galaxy S III

I'm at Radio City Music Hall checking out the Samsung Galaxy S4. Tell me, have you seen the Galaxy S3? Then you've pretty much seen the GS4. There have been a few cosmetic tweaks, and a spec bump, but it's mostly a "Galaxy S 3S."


The screen is probably the biggest upgrade. It's been fitted with a 5-inch, 1080p AMOLED display, and it looks gorgeous. The viewing angles are perfect.

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[Poll] The Galaxy S4: Are You Going To Buy One?

Samsung just unveiled the next.. next big thing: the Galaxy S4. And while some might argue it's more Galaxy S III 'Plus' than brand-new, standard-setting flagship, there's no denying Samsung is going to sell a ton of these things. Our question, though, is will Samsung be selling one to you?


If you're in the market for an Android smartphone right now, you've got plenty of options: HTC's One is on the way shortly, there's the Xperia Z / ZL, and of course, the Nexus 4.

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Watch The Live Stream And Follow Our Live Blog Of Samsung's Galaxy S IV Unpacked Event Here

Update: It's official. Samsung Just Officially Unveiled 'The Next Big Thing' – Come Meet The Galaxy S4!

The next Galaxy's unveiling is finally upon us at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific tonight, March 14th. Come back to this page a few minutes early to watch the event stream live as well as follow our live blog. Don't forget to bring a snack - it'll likely go for well over an hour.

We may have already discovered some of the features and a possible look of the S IV, but there's always a chance that the leaks we've been seeing, which all came from the same dual-SIM device in China, aren't actually representative of the final hardware.

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