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Galaxy Note Fan Edition features Bixby and 3200mAh battery, will be released on July 7th in South Korea

Aside from its tendency to catch fire, the Galaxy Note7 was a good phone - so good, in fact, that some decided to keep theirs even after the final recall, using the reasoning that the chances of the phone burning itself and other things away was minimal. Thankfully, those of you who loved your Note7s don't have to do that anymore - a revised Galaxy Note Fan Edition has been released with the same hardware, as leaks have suggested. Well, aside from the battery, of course.

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[Playing With Fire] Samsung will reportedly release the Galaxy Note 7 'Fandom Edition' in South Korea on July 7th

Samsung took a big hit last year when the well-reviewed Galaxy Note 7 showed a propensity to burst into flames. Samsung eventually had to recall millions of units and cancel the device entirely. The company has been working on a revamped version of the Note 7 in recent months, but now the Wall Street Journal has release details. According to the WSJ report, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 7 Fandom Edition on July 7th in South Korea.

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Bixby-equipped Galaxy Note FE may launch in South Korea on July 7th, priced at over $600

Ah, the Galaxy Note7. It had such promise, but it was gone too young. Now, though, it's getting a second chance on life in the form of the Galaxy Note FE, and it's launching in South Korea in early July with the Bixby virtual assistant on board.

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[Update: Not for sale in U.S.] The Galaxy Note7 will return as a refurbished device

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 was one of the most disastrous product launches in recent memory. After launching to rave reviews, reports of the phone catching fire started to appear, eventually causing Samsung to conduct a global recall. Shortly after, Samsung started selling a 'safe' Note7, only for that model to start catching fire as well. Another global recall was initiated.

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Verizon will block Note7 holdouts from placing calls, may bill them for the phone's full price

The Galaxy Note7 was a spectacular failure for Samsung that has turned into a customer service nightmare for its carrier partners. People are still using the Note 7 even after a series of OTA updates designed to reduce the phone's charging capacity and finally stop it from charging altogether. Verizon says thousands of people are still using the Note7 on its network, and it's looking to put a stop to it by blocking all outgoing calls. The carrier may also be delivering some bill-shock to holdouts.

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Airlines in the US will soon stop making Galaxy Note7 ban announcements

The FAA has officially lifted its requirement on airlines to notify passengers that the Galaxy Note7 is banned while in flight. While the ban itself is still in place, and having a Note7 on a plane could still get you ejected from your flight - you'll just stop hearing about it from someone over a garbled PA system.

The FAA's release cites the current return rate of 96% for Note7s sold in the United States, along with the phone-bricking OTA update, as reason for lifting the announcement requirement. Out of curiosity, I decided to check in on Note7 traffic on Android Police, and in recent weeks it has dropped to near-negligible levels, with a growing number of days seeing effectively zero users accessing the site with Note7s at all.

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[Update: Now rolling out] Verizon: Just kidding, we will brick your Note7 after all, just not until January 5th

After a lot of huffing and puffing about consumer safety, it seems Verizon has now decided it will brick your Galaxy Note7 after all. Just not until January 5th. Originally, Verizon had rebuffed a statement issued by Samsung saying it would begin sending out an OTA to prevent Galaxy Note7s from charging on December 19th. It turns out, at least apparently, Verizon was most miffed by the date, not the actual prospect of disabling customer devices. The language in their original statement specifically referenced the timing: "We will not push a software upgrade that will eliminate the ability for the Note7 to work as a mobile device in the heart of the holiday travel season."

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Not dead yet: Report says number of in-use Galaxy Note7s still vastly exceeds all LG V20s

Over two months ago, Samsung stopped production of the Galaxy Note7 permanently. Recalls ensued across the globe, and returns have exceeded 90% of devices sold. Today, if a report from app research firm Apteligent is to be believed, that still means there are more Galaxy Note7s out there in use than there are LG V20s. A lot more. Apteligent's report suggests that there remain well over twice as many Note7s out in the wild as there are LG V20s. The Moto Z just barely comes in above the Note7, too, and according to Apteligent is actually declining in popularity, which is a bit weird.

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Samsung will push OTA with 60% charge limit to all US Note7s in the coming days

Samsung is pulling out the big guns to encourage Note7 holdouts to turn in their phones. In the coming days, it will send out an OTA to all Note7s in the US that limits the battery to a 60% charge. So, it's not just T-Mobile. The new software will also nag you incessantly about returning the phone.

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T-Mobile will issue Note7 update that limits battery to 60% starting tomorrow (11/5)

T-Mobile is planning to release an over-the-air update to T-Mobile-branded Galaxy Note7 devices tomorrow that will limit their maximum battery capacity to 60%. The OTA will be released beginning at 12:01AM (time zone unclear) tomorrow, November 5th. It is unclear if T-Mobile or Samsung are utilizing any features to "force" the OTA to install without explicit user authorization, but the rollout at midnight when most owners would be asleep and their phones charging would be about the best time to try something like that. An internal memo, below, details just how the update will work.

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